Albums of Soundtrack music

The soundtrack is a term used to refer to music that accompanies any visual material:

  • film,
  • musical,
  • TV show,
  • computer game,
  • book and so on.

Origination of the term

Initially, the film manufacturers released albums containing songs from their films. In the course of time, there appeared TV shows, computer games and even some books, which also required musical accompaniment. Nowadays, you can buy soundtracks in any musical store and experience your favorite movies any time and place.

The brightest hits

Good, atmospheric music is a half of the success of the film. Some even masterpiece movies would look dull and boring without sound. Often the movies go into oblivion, but the soundtrack remains forever.

The following list includes the most outstanding and memorable musical compositions, which are undoubtful leaders of soundtrack music downloads.

  • Amelie

Yann Tiersen - La valse d`Amelie

The story about a cute French Amelie Poulain, and now the whole France is entirely impossible to imagine without admirable music of composer Yann Tiersen, and especially without this waltz. It has become a hit of soundtrack downloads because it embodies easiness, romance and dreaminess of a protagonist.

  • Pirates of the Caribbean

Hans Zimmer - Pirates Of The Caribbean

Hans Zimmer wrote music to an incredible number of films, many of which have become hits of soundtrack downloads. However, only this track invites to take the sword and plunge into pirate romantics.

  • Fight Club

Pixies - Where Is My Mind

They say that the cosmic background vocals in a song were recorded in the bathroom to achieve greater effect and get the audience really blown away. Whatever it was, the final scene of "Fight Club" now can not be imagined with different kind of music. So, all the admirers of the movie ensure high rating of the song in the category of soundtrack mp3 downloads.

  • Titanic

Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On

It is impossible not to include this song in the list of legendary OSTs, because it is one of the leaders in the category of soundtracks download. When the composer James Horner played this melody to Canadian singer Celine Dion, she did not like it at all, but recorded it anyway. It was not in vain - this song has become not only the most successful in the singer's career, but also one of the most popular OSTs, which made all the viewers  of "Titanic" cry.

  • Leon

Sting - Shape of My Heart

This song is not only loved by the fans of Sting, but also by all fans of the movie. It was very impressive in the final scene of the cult film by Luc Besson "Leon" and nowadays fans of the film buy soundtrack to remind them of the masterpiece.

  • Star Wars

John Williams - The Imperial March

John Williams composed a lot of good music to "Star Wars", but Imperial March is one of the most recognizable compositions. Being the leitmotif of Darth Vader, this melody almost makes film fans hear his footsteps and heavy breathing.

  • Armageddon

Aerosmith - I Do Not Want To Miss A Thing

This rock-ballad became a hit of soundtrack downloads and a hallmark not only for the film "Armageddon", but for the band Aerosmith as well. The song raised them to the first place of the charts for the first time in the group’s history. We provide tracks from this movie in MP3, M4A, and FLAC format to ensure lossless quality of sound.