Terminator (The Definite Edition OST)
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Terminator (The Definite Edition OST) '1984

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Play List 01:12:13
1. Theme From 'The Terminator'
2. 'The Terminiator' Main Title
3. The Terminator's Arrival
4. Reese Chased
5. Sarah On Her Motorbike
6. Gun Shop
Reese In Alley
7. Sarah In The Bar
8. Tech Noir
Alley Chase
9. Garage Chase
10. Arm & Eye Surgery
11. Police Station
Escape From Police Station
12. Future Flashback
Terminator Infiltration
13. Conversation By The Window
Love Scene
14. Tunnel Chase
15. Death By Fire
Terminator Gets Up
16. Factory Chase
Terminator Sits Up
'You're Terminated!'
18. Sarah's Destiny
The Coming Storm
19. Theme From 'The Terminator'

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