About Us

Flacit is the world's only online retailer of CD quality, High definition, Super Audio CD music, offering discriminating music consumers the opportunity to acquire new music tracks that were actually recorded, mixed and mastered using high definition digital production equipment. While other sites may contains millions of tracks, the quality of the listening experience is most often harsh, dull, flat and over-processed' not the kind of fidelity that great music deserves. Flacit gives quality-conscious music fans the option to download real CD quality, and high definition tracks in stereo, the only site on the web that provides users a choice!

Flacit was founded in 2014 by Nelson Pass, Ph.D., an award-winning audio engineer and music producer, as an alternative to iTunes and other web sites that provide lots of tracks but at low fidelity. Even sites that feature so-called 'HD Downloads' are only providing the quality of the original older master, which is often an analog or standard definition digital recording.


Wide bandwidth and a large amount of storage are both required to download large media files. The growth of home media servers and increases in connection speeds have made downloading HD Audio a reality for many customers. But rather than dictate a low fidelity file format, Flacit lets you choose the quality of your downloads and the mixing perspective. You can download jazz, rock, folk, country, classical and more in FLAC, MP3, M4A (Apple lossy format) and even 96 kHz/24-bit PCM FLAC. We also offer all of those formats in Stereo and Surround Sound. Lastly, we don't use Digital Rights Management (DRM) to limit the playability of our tracks.


Obviously, Flacit cannot compete with eMusic, iTunes, Napster or any of the other mainstream online music download businesses. But we can offer something that none of them can CD audio downloads. If you've invested in a high quality media server, home theatre or automotive system and want to experience some of the best, award-winning audio on the planet, then Flacit is the perfect solution.