Albums of Psychedelic Rock music

Psychedelic rock is generally experimental music based on the Anglo-American culture strongly influenced by Eastern mysticism of traditional and spiritual Indian music. However, people tend to stick labels on the ones, who download psychedelic rock.


Initially, the direction was not associated with the use of psychedelics - the purpose of the musicians was to convey the state of transcendental consciousness through musical images, but not to make people buy LSD.

The key representatives of the style on British stage are The Beatles. It was the guitarist George Harrison's fascination with Indian philosophy and ancient teachings that led him and the whole group to the passion of Indian transcendental music. It is known that George Harrison even learned to play the Indian sitar. The Beatles’ experience caused a wave of interest in such numerous similar groups in Europe and America. And even today they are the cause of numerous psychedelic rock downloads.

However, journalists have distorted the essence of psychedelia. As a result, hints of LSD were "found" in many psychedelic compositions of The Beatles.

Later on, the musicians of the direction have repeatedly reported to the press that their work does not carry advertising of LSD, but is a form of achieving transcendental consciousness through musical influence. The desire to achieve this condition makes people buy psychedelic rock songs.

Features and representatives

It is almost impossible to identify the typical feature of this style: each group uses its own musical instruments, vocal techniques. You can hear this diversity, if you download psychedelic rock songs. The only notable feature is the traditional long instrumental bridges that are present in almost every track. In addition to emotionality, virtuoso technique is very important for composers of this style.

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Characteristic features of the genre nowadays are:

  • long-lasting solos of leading instruments,
  • variety of acoustic effects,
  • unusual harmonies.

Their combination causes the state of irrational reality and detachment. You can experience all these unusual feelings, if you download psychedelic rock music.

Live performances of bands in this genre are usually accompanied by vivid visual show with light, smoke, video installations and other effects. You can see it, if you download psychedelic rock videos.

Nowadays, top bands of the genre are:

  • The Doors
  • Jimi Hendrix
  • Country Joe & The Fish
  • Arzachel and many others.

“The End” by The Doors is currently a leader of psychedelic rock music downloads.

However, the best albums of the genre are believed to be released in 1960’s:

  • Country Joe & The Fish - Electric Music for the Mind and Body (1967)
  • Arzachel - Arzachel (1969)
  • Grateful Dead - Live / Dead (1969)

Nowadays, both old and new albums and songs are available for download in any format (MP3, M4A or lossless FLAC).

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