Albums of Psychedelic music

Psychedelia is a complex, expressive music, which causes a profound effect on the listener. Initially in 1960s, psychedelic music was directly linked to the use of psychedelics by both the listeners and musicians. However, after some time, it became clear that this genre is aimed at imitating hallucinogenic action of drugs without using them or instigating to buy them. To do this, psychedelic music artists apply a wide arsenal of means of musical expression and special effects in the performance.

In fact, new psychedelic music is a large concept, which includes several areas, such as:

  • psychedelic rock (also known as "Krautrock");
  • psychedelic pop;
  • psychedelic soul;
  • psychedelic folk;
  • trance (and Goa trance).

Origins of the concept and outstanding representatives

The term was first proposed by a Canadian psychiatrist Humphrey Osmond, one of the first researchers of such substances as LSD. Later in 70s psychedelic music as a concept somewhat expanded its meaning and started covering the range of phenomena, as well as special factors (non-drug), which ostensibly arrange the consciousness of man to transfer into an altered condition, or are the products of human creativity in such a condition themselves. An example of this movement is psychedelic art, which is rather popular now.

In 60s psychedelic music starts its development as a separate genre. One of the pioneers of this style was a group Grateful Dead, whose songs are available in our online store in FLAC and MP3 formats. In addition, famous Pink Floyd is also attributed to psychedelic music bands. The time of the popularity of these groups is marked by the start of experiments with electronic equipment in order to obtain new and unusual sounds in lossless quality. Further development of technology has led to the birth of such a trend in music as techno, which gave further life to trance, which are both leaders of purchase among different genres. The origin of trance as a separate musical direction coincides with the release of the synthesizer TB-303 by Roland, which has already become a legend. It was the greatest purchase for musicians playing electronic music.

Today, people, who want to open their minds, download psychedelic music albums. Having analyzed different ratings, we summarized top albums of this genre in one list:

  • Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles;
  • The Doors by The Doors;
  • Electric Ladyland by The Jimi Hendrix Experience;
  • Abbey Road by The Beatles;
  • Forever Changes by Love;
  • The Piper at the Gates of Dawn by Pink Floyd;
  • Surrealistic Pillow by Jefferson Airplane;
  • Maggot Brain by Funkadelic;
  • Disraeli Gears by Cream.

These albums are known and popular not only among the admirers of the genre, but also among all the melomaniacs around the world. You can buy or download them at our online store to be able to enjoy them any time you want.

Differences in philosophy

Good psychedelic music is primarily dance music. However, the philosophy of psychedelia involves a slightly different attitude to dance than the most of modern people have. Commonly, people dance at discos, download tracks for home parties or buy MP3s to accompany their performances. It has long been known that the human body and mind are closely linked, and that is why certain movements and especially the best psychedelic music can bring about a change of consciousness. Therefore, it is extremely important for musicians to listen to compositions in lossless quality, insured by FLAC audio format.

So, it can be concluded that psychedelic music as a whole is not related to any religion or the use of certain substances. This is music that has to be felt and perceived by heart, without trying to understand or analyze it. In appropriate circumstances a person with an open perception can receive full pleasure from listening to psychedelic music artists (especially in lossless FLAC format), as this genre is a natural catalyst for change in consciousness.