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Gods And Generals
Format FLAC 781 Kbps
MP3 320 Kbps
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Gods And Generals '2003

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Play List

1. Mary Fahl, Glenn Patscha and Byron Isaacs - Going Home
2. John Frizzell - Gods And Generals
3. John Frizzell - You Must Not Worry For Us
4. John Frizzell - Loved I Not Honor More
5. John Frizzell - Lexington Is My Home
6. John Frizzell - The School Of The Soldier
7. Randy Edelman - Go To Their Graves Like Beds
8. Randy Edelman - My Heart Shall Not Fear
9. John Frizzell - These Brave Irishmen
10. John Frizzell - To The Stone Wall
11. John Frizzell - You'll Thank Me In The Morning
12. John Frizzell - The First Crop Of Corn
13. Randy Edelman - My Home Is Virginia
14. John Frizzell, Randy Edelman - No Photographs
15. John Frizzell - VMI Will Be Heard From Today
16. John Frizzell - Too Much Sugar
17. John Frizzell - Let Us Cross Over The River
18. John Frizzell - The Soldier's Return
19. Bob Dylan - Cross The Green Mountain [Performed By Bob Dylan]

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