It's Now Or Never
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It's Now Or Never '2012

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Track list 00:54:07
01. Blind Date 101
02. Make It Precious
03. It's Now Or Never
04. Inception (Feat. Tyler Carter, Ex Woe, Is Me)
05. This Song Is Blacker Than Black Metal
06. We Know It's Real
07. In The Shadows Of You
08. Once You Killed A Cow You Gotta Make A Burger
09. Stage On Fire
10. She Hunted Me
11. Ifyuocnaraedtihsmkaemeasnadwich
12. I Am A Traitor (Feat. Johnny Franck, Ex Attack Attack!)
13. Earth
14. Quit Sleeping! It's Nothing But A Waste Of Time
15. Make It Precious (Live Acoustic)

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