Albums of Hardcore music

Hardcore is punk-rock in more violent and hard interpretation, which emerged in the United States and Britain in the late 1970s.


Sound, compared with the traditional punk rock, has become more rapid and heavy. Compositions became shorter – one and a half to two minutes. The main theme of songs included:

  • personal freedom;
  • anarchy;
  • politics;
  • social aspects;
  • Straight Edge;
  • veganism;
  • violence;
  • pacifism.

It is believed that the first tour of the British band The Damned with their "speed up" sound has made a sensation among fans of punk rock and local musicians, which gave impetus to the development of the first wave of hardcore. The most notable local scenes of the first half of the 1980s were in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Washington, and New York.

The leaders of the category of hardcore songs download include

  • Nothing Left - As I Lay Dying;
  • This War Is Ours - Escape The Fate;
  • Time of Dying - Three Days Grace.

The most popular bands crowning the charts of hardcore music downloads include

  • Bring Me the Horizon;
  • Bad Brains;
  • Bullet For My Valentine;
  • Asking Alexandria.


Unlike the British punk flamboyant clothes – multi-colored plaid pants, painted Mohawk hairdo, and so on, in a hardcore environment dominated a low-key style. Fans used to buy and wear narrowed jeans, leather jacket, Converses, or high leather boots, riveted bracelets, bandanas tied on their wrists, plaid shirt (often tied at the waist), and mostly short hairstyle. In the later period there also appeared fashion for tattoos and piercings.

Today, numerous sites provide admirers of the genre with possibility to download hardcore music, when back to the origin of the genre everything was not so easy. Fans played huge role in bands’ development. Most groups relied on their own forces and fans in the organization of concerts and recording albums. Media publicized practically no information about the upcoming concerts. Campus radio used to be the only source of information. Musicians printed the posters themselves. Information was also passed from hand to hand, from person to person. Many groups of the initial period did not record albums, and have been known only by live performances, not to mention hardcore music downloads. Early hardcore groups were not originally designed as commercial projects. Nowadays, with the appearance of specialized sites and social networks the existence of even uncommercial bands has become much easier. The category of fans of the direction, who buy hardcore music both in MP3 and FLAC formats, ranges from old rockers, who were pioneers of the movement, to enthusiastic youth.

The concerts of bands are characterized by a special atmosphere. There appeared to be such popular phenomena as slams, stage diving and crowd surfing. Slam is a peculiar kind of dancing on hardcore concerts, where people jostle and bump into each other. Currently, stage-diving can be seen at concerts of almost any heavy group. So, it is impossible to feel the rebellious atmosphere just listening to hardcore music MP3s, so if you are a real fan of the genre, better buy ticket to rock concert, or at least download hardcore music in lossless FLAC or M4A quality.