Symphonic Star Trek
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Symphonic Star Trek '1996

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CD 16-bit | 44,1 kHz
01-Into The Final Frontier
02-Main Theme - ST-TNG
03-Warp One
04-End Title - Star Trek VI- The Undiscovered Country
05-The Destruction of Praxis And Its Aftermath
06-Main Theme - ST-VOY
07-Starship Flyby
08-Main Theme - ST-DS9
09-Alien Probe
10-Humpback Whale Song
11-Main Title - Star Trek IV- The Voyage Home
12-Main Theme - Star Trek
13-Tribble Trouble
14-Main Title - Star Trek II- Wrath of Khan
15-Epilogue - Star Trek II- Wrath of Khan
16-End Credits - Star Trek II- Wrath of Khan
17-Bird-of-Prey Decloacking
18-The Klingon Battle - Star Trek- The Motion Picture
19-Main Theme - Star Trek- The Motion Picture
20-Warp Eight
21-A Busy Man - Star Trek V- The Final Frontier
22-Genesis Project- The Creation and Evolution of TINSIS
23-Suite - The Menagerie
25-Main Theme - Star Trek III- The Search For Spock
26-Nexus Energy Ribbon
27-End Title - Star Trek- Generations
28-The Borg

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