Micheal Collins / Майкл Коллинз OST
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Micheal Collins / Майкл Коллинз OST '1996

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Play List 00:47:13
Easter Rebellion [perf. by Sinead O'Connor]
Fire and Arms
Train Station Farewell
Winter Raid
Elegy for a Sunday
Football Match
On Cats Feet
Defiance and Arrest
Train to Granard
Boland Returns
His Majesty's Finest
Boland's Death
Home to Cork
Civil War [perf. by Sinead O'Connor]
Collins' Proposal
An Anthem Deferred
She Moved Through the Fair [perf. by Sinead O'Connor]
Funeral & Coda
Macushla [perf. by F. Paterson and ...

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