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Format FLAC Stereo 1759 Kbps /
44.1 kHz
Size 566.03 Mb

Subway '1985

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  • Hi-Res 24-bit | upto 44.1 kHz
Hi-Res 24-bit | upto 44.1 kHz
01-01-Eric Serra-Subway Remastered-SMR
01-02-Eric Serra-Guns and People Remastered-SMR
01-03-Eric Serra-Burglary Remastered-SMR
01-04-Eric Serra-Masquerade Remastered-SMR
01-05-Eric Serra-Childhood drama Remastered-SMR
01-06-Eric Serra-Man Y Remastered-SMR
01-07-Eric Serra-Congabass Remastered-SMR
01-08-Eric Serra-Song to Xavier Remastered-SMR
01-09-Eric Serra-Speedway Remastered-SMR
01-10-Arthur Simms-It s Only Mystery Remastere-SMR
01-11-Eric Serra-Drumskate Remastered-SMR
01-12-Eric Serra-Dolphin Dance Remastered-SMR
01-13-Eric Serra-Racked Animal Remastered-SMR
01-14-Eric Serra-Pretext Remastered-SMR
01-15-Eric Serra-Dark Passage II Remastered-SMR
01-16-Eric Serra-Speedway Original Demo Remast-SMR
01-17-Eric Serra-Congabass Original Demo Remas-SMR
01-18-Eric Serra-Song to Xavier Original Demo -SMR

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