Albums of Vocal Jazz music

Special sound

Vocal Jazz is a special kind of singing, which is applicable only for the genre of jazz. This is the particular association of musical improvisation, special techniques, and complete harmony with the melody. Vocal Jazz requires from singer a total immersion in the music. The technique of scat is often used. Many of the best vocal jazz songs use this technique. It is an imitation of an instrument with your voice. In a modern way, it reminds beatbox. Vocal jazz songs have one basic thing in common: the ability to improvise. Voice of the performer is almost poured into instrumental music. Jazz vocal songs are unique art, since the same song is sung differently by various performers. It all depends on the ability of their voice and manner of performance.

Facts about singing:

  • style, including scat, was founded in West Africa;
  • the development of the first peak occurred in the 1920s years;
  • the pioneers of the genre were New Orleans jazz- and scatmen;
  • sounds issued to simulate instruments jazz.

Interestingly, the best jazz vocal albums were actively compared with the technique of vocalize. Vocalize is the singing of certain sounds that does not carry meaning, especially for sound reproduction. Using this technique is common among the singers for developing bonds. One of the best vocal jazz albums was voice album of swing technique with arrangements of compositions by Bach.

The way forward

In the early 20s, it was hard to focus on commerce. New genres were available not only to buy records. The main goal was to listen it alive. Concerts star of New Orleans focused on the purchase of the idea. Therefore, jazz and scat quickly went ahead. People wanted to buy something that is a kind of novelty. Amazing opportunity to imitate the sound of instruments by human voice was such a thing. Even Ella Fitzgerald was one of the brightest representatives of scat. People wanted to buy her records, not only because of the melodies, but also because of the masterly imitation of instruments by her.

Later this technique was made more complicated. There was a bebop genre and with it, purchase has increased again. You can watch as demand jumps up and down. However, the talent of jazz singers has always been in demand. People always wanted to buy work of known or new artists. The level of demand was high including the cover versions of songs. Popular music is still in our ears.

Of course, now record stores moved far into the background. In front of us, there is a wide spectrum of opportunities to download music. Special programs have allowed recreating even the record of those years in electronic format. Download music of 20s can be to appreciate the talent of the performers. Even at the time, not having the opportunities that we have now, the singers took a maximum of creativity. Now you can download everything in a few seconds. Then recording of a song was taking a huge amount of time.

The more valuable is the fact that it was managed to keep the music lossless. The voice of every singer is almost the same. Lossless audio is available on the Web at the click. Take advantage of this opportunity at least to assess the changes of almost a century.

To listen to the old recordings is better not to choose the MP3 format. It is light enough, but it does not preserve the quality of sound. MP3 has good accessibility. However, there are much more convenient formats. For example, Flac. Despite the more weight, it keeps sounding unchanged. To find Flac is not much more complicated than any other format.