Albums of Thrash Metal music

Thrash metal is a musical direction in the metal, which gave rise to all its extreme varieties. Fans buy thrash metal albums for rebellious character and explosive sounding of the genre.

Musical features of the genre

Characteristic features of the direction are fast, rapid tempo, high-speed low-frequency and high-frequency guitar solos. Guitar rhythm parts in the performance are characterized by a kind of "puffing" sound. The musicians use such strokes for the rhythm guitar as a variable barcode, canter, and the most popular – downstroke. In the performance of compositions, guitar solos almost exclusively are played at high speed, so they acquire their distinctive thrashy sound. You can hear all these features, if you download thrash metal music even in MP3 of M4A quality.

Often an untrained listener thinks that the song is a certain set of chaotic sounds, when in fact it is a rather complicated construction of tracks that take some of the elements of such styles as blues and jazz. Therefore, it is important to listen to these compositions in lossless FLAC quality.

Special attention of those, who download thrash metal songs, is paid to drummers. Many of them are recognized as outstanding drummers in rock music:

  • Dave Lombardo,
  • Nick Menza,
  • Lars Ulrich

Because of the high speed performance of songs of this genre, many bass players now buy and use plectrums (mediators) instead of fingers. However, some outstanding bassists – Cliff Burton (Metallica), Frank Bello (Anthrax), Ron Broder (Coroner) still perform their parts with fingers. You can see special atmosphere of such performances, if you download thrash metal videos.

Features of lyrics

Lyrics are often rife with criticism of social structures, often related to various forms of social injustice. Some fans download thrash metal for its social focus. Thematic component of lyrics includes:

  • violence;
  • life and death;
  • religion and society (war, inhuman brutal feelings);
  • views about the future collapse of human civilization (which often correspond to the ideas of the punk).

Also, some artists of this style write texts under the influence of literary works (for example, some Metallica songs were written under the influence of the works of H. P. Lovecraft and Ken Kesey). In contrast to other areas of extreme music, the discussed direction often refers to positive social phenomena, such as the theme of environmentalism, which broadens the spectrum of its fans and improves the rating of thrash metal downloads.

Every continent and country has its own representatives of the genre. However, Classic Rock Journal recognizes the following albums as hits of thrash metal downloads:

  • Metallica — Kill 'em All (1983)
  • Slayer — Reign in Blood (1986)
  • Megadeth — Peace Sells… But Who's Buying? (1986)

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