Albums of Techno music

The category of techno music download is represented by music, sounding as technology. This is rather young direction rooted in Detroit. The style is characterized by a large number of synthetic sounds, sound effects, steady 4/4 timing, tempo around 130-140 bpm. Although these characteristics are inherent in many styles of dance music, techno has a special sound that fans of the style can recognize quite easily.

It has numerous subgenres, including

  • Detroit;
  • Minimal;
  • Melodic;
  • Techno-Rave etc.


There are many ways to create techno music mp3, but the most typical is the use of techniques associated with sequencers. The final result should be the construction of hypnotic sound combinations calling for the movement.

Studio of modern producer can be limited to a single computer, allowing to buy techno music sounds, work with sound banks and effect processors. So, nowadays almost anyone has the possibility to buy necessary software and involve in music creation. However, most arrangers use various devices and seek to invent new, unknown sounds and rhythms, remaining within stylistic boundaries established by their contemporaries.

Development of the style

Initially, compositions in the style were intended for performance in discos (raves), because this music was often produced in the form of 12-inch singles or compilations of popular tunes of the time. Techno music gave DJs endless freedom to mix.

By the mid-1990s, there appeared to be a new generation of artists, whose singles were no longer just raw rhythms for mixing, but complete songs. The most popular group of the time became The Prodigy, whose creativity caused a great number of techno music downloads and recognition among large audience.

This musical direction gives a lot of room for creativity, because it allows you to use white noise, and a variety of percussion sounds, and popular disco tunes. This causes appearance of numerous techno music websites designed especially for admirers of the genre. They provide compositions both in usual MP3 and lossless FLAC quality. The most famous of them are:

  • TEA;
  • Helicon Sound System Records page;
  • Dj Alloro Cohen Tal Myspace site.

The list of top 5 DJs, who create the most popular songs of the genre includes:

  • Richie Hawtin;
  • Carl Cox;
  • Green Velvet;
  • Marco Carola;
  • Nicole Moudaber.

Their creative works contribute to development of the genre and improve the rating of techno music download (MP3 format or lossless M4A and FLAC).

This genre was also an inspiration for moviemakers. True fans of techno music download such documentaries and fiction films as Speaking in Code, Kvadrat, and Berlin Calling.