Albums of Synthpop music

Dashing 70 th

Synth pop music is the genre that originated in the days of the New Wave. The main distribution area of the genre was Japan and the United Kingdom. Later on 70s synthpop music went on, conquered the European part of the world. The basis of the melodic sound of this style was the synthesizer. Synthpop music is also called electro or technopop. As is evident from the title, the main large genre that combines all the titles is pop music. But what happened later with this style, what became the second-order sub-genres, already had less to do with pop. It was such sub-genres like:

  • futurepop;
  • electroclash;
  • electropop;
  • synth-punk.

Title of the best synth pop songs still belong to giants of scenes such as Duran Duran, Pet Shop Boys and others. These musicians originally made famous careers but at the end of each of them significantly departed from the original direction.

Best synthpop albums have been built on an artificial sound. Despite the ability to copy completely the synthesizer sounds of this musical instrument, classic of the genre is considered to be an imitation of mechanical, unnatural sound. Best synthpop is while a duo where the singer has a powerful, often almost operatic voice, and the second member of the group takes full control of the music. Thus, in addition to synthesizer there could never be any other tools.

The problem was in the subject of texts. Even the best synth pop has become a thing of the past; it has lost relevance due to the fact that most of the texts have been devoted to simple things. This bias in the hedonism, the lack of higher values did not give the genre to move on to infinity, and left it on a plate.

The quality and quantity

Any young successful genre relies on the purchase. At the time, albums enjoyed incredible success. Purchase of the interesting sound rose along with the promotion of a kind of ideology. It was very important to have time to grab a piece, until the public interest is not diminished. Active purchase of the genre was brief, but very bright. The main heyday came in the 77-80th years. Everyone wanted to buy this music. It was played at every party and on each tape.

Popular motifs reappeared in our century. Thanks to such performers as Kesha or La Roux, music regained fresh breath. Popular music has changed, but remains relevant and retained the main features. In the advent of even Kesha was a breakthrough, because her work is different from the usual pop. It is simple and at the same time features the sound and makes the songs not like classical music that we hear. They have a recognizable chorus and a very complex motive. However, it retains the original songs. They also have similar features, but do not merge into one endless composition.

As for access, you can download any initial experiments. It is an opportunity to compare how far the development of the genre gone. With the possibility to download albums of previous years, it can be heard as the sound changes. Of course, it has changed not critically; otherwise, the genre would have lost its distinctive features. To save music lossless at nearly half a century is impossible. Nevertheless, with a base and a strong voice of synthesizer, SP has not changed much. Lossless preserved motifs, the direction sense of texts and other elements. Perhaps if the texts were of more profound, than the music of synthesizer would seem inappropriate.

As for the format, opinion was divided. MP3 music is much easier to be found. This format has a small file size. MP3 can be played almost on any device. However, this format is not the leading quality. On the other hand, Flac has much larger file sizes. At the same time, the sound is closer to the good old vinyl records. Flac is worth looking at even because this format was originally developed for professional musicians.