Albums of Southern Rock music

Southern rock music is a patchwork of different styles. It was formed under the influence of

  • country;
  • R&B;
  • gospel;
  • blues;
  • bluegrass.

The peak of its popularity came in the early and mid-70s. Such southern rock groups as Buffalo Springfield, Roseau, Allman Brothers, Molly Hatchet and Pure Prairie League sounded from all MP3 players. These musicians made a valuable contribution to the popularization of the genre. Thanks to their creativity, now we can download tracks of this genre in lossless quality, which is ensured by FLAC codec.

Southern rock artists commonly did not use distortion to the full, which was already a peculiarity of "metal" bands like Led Zeppelin, which started to appear those days. The musicians paid much more attention to melodic and blended sounding of guitars. In the context of harmony, the best southern rock bands employed major and minor chords, simple sequences and pentatonic scales.

The output music was simple both in terms of perception and in terms of its performance. However, due to the fact that guitars were assigned to the greatest role (regardless of whether they played the rhythm or solo) classic southern rock songs attracted the best instrumentalists of the time. Moreover, this musical direction paved the way for one of the best bands of the 1970s - the magnificent Eagles.

Iconic Groups

The distinctive feature of both old and new southern rock bands is their origin. Almost all of them were formed in South of the USA, hence the name of the genre.

One of the best southern rock bands of the 70s Allman Brothers Group, formed by two brothers - guitarist Duane and his younger brother, keyboardist Greg - began its career in the state of Georgia. The peak of their activity not only occurred in the period of creation of southern rock hits of the 70s and 80s, but also largely determined it. The sound of Duane’s and second guitarist Dickey Betts’ guitars was something unique: Duane was a professional blues musicians and Bethe - master of the major pentatonic. To enjoy sounds of their instruments to the full, our online store suggests you to buy their compositions in lossless quality. You can choose between MP3 and FLAC formats

ZZ Top is a band formed in 1969 in Houston, Texas. The first single group, "Salt Lick", was released in 1969 and still remains one of the greatest southern rock songs. Many creative and humorous albums and singles were recorded after that. However, Tres Hombres is evaluated by numerous critics as one of the best southern rock albums.

After four decades, ZZ Top still remains one of the few bands that have preserved the original members. The team has 11 "gold", 7 "platinum" and 13 "multi- platinum" albums with wonderful MP3s. The band released its newest album La Futura full of southern rock hits in September 2012 (now, you can buy the best southern rock songs from this album at our online store in lossless FLAC format). In a month they started the tour in its support. To this day, the Group remains true to its style and can teach modern southern rock bands a thing or two.

By the early 80s, the genre suffered from crisis. In addition, the emergence of MTV, glam rock, and new wave has pushed southern rebels on the back burner and became leaders of purchase.

Outstanding songs

The above named groups formed the fundamentals of the genre. Thus, in the genre of southern rock greatest hits are:

  • ‘Mississippi Queen’ by Mountain;
  • ’30 Days in the Hole’ by Humble Pie;
  • ‘La Grange’, ZZ Top;
  • ‘Flirtin’ With Disaster’ by Molly Hatchet;
  • ‘Highway Song’ by Blackfoot.

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