Albums of Soul music

First steps

Soul music is deemed to arise from the traditions of African-American chants in several styles. Among them:

  • gospel;
  • jazz;
  • R & B;
  • spirituals;
  • jazz improvisation.

Soul music, as is evident from the title of the term, is the soul encased in a melody. It is full of unexpected modulations and reflects the feelings of the artist. Soul music emerged in the 50s in the southern United States. The heyday came a little later, it took a decade. Soul songs were especially important in the period of 60-70 years old. The most famous early experiments are still on the lips of the listeners. For example, such a soul songs like "I've got a woman" and "Georgia On My Mind" by Ray Charles is still the classic soul samples. It's nice that the records of those years, including live, preserved. We can now do the soul songs download. In addition, there are lots of covers for these immortal works. Soul, lossless converted to a new era, has become one of the hallmarks of a really good taste.

Commercial work

After the genre evolved, there went different branches. There was a division of the popular bands and artists on a territorial basis. In addition, the soul has become inextricably linked with politics. Popular artists joined the ranks of fellow Martin Luther King. Among these people, there were Aretha Franklin, James Brown and others. Participation in these debates had no effect on the preservation of their creative lossless work.

Another division was conditional "on the color of their eyes". Perhaps this trend was most interesting in the history of music. Separation of singers belonged to different races. Those whites who sang this kind of music: Bowie, Elton John, Palmer, Cocker, were called "blue-eyed soul". The Latin American singers were "brown-eyed". Commercial purchase success also depended on this division. Although, according to the malice, this division did not carry. Purchase was quite active. It was an interesting experiment, not just a dance tune, and the ability to communicate their thoughts and feelings. Often, most like to buy just simple melodies, simple words about the problems and joys, with the subject that was not so important. Suffice it to recall the very first song by Charles, which told about the woman. What else can cause a buy, but a story about love? Artists of all times have used this interest. Thus, there wasn’t lack of purchase. Especially it considered the participation of such masters as Elton John and the legendary Bowie. To buy disc or a song meant to join this world of music.

However, now we are not interested in this. The ability to download records electronically is the new analogue of record stores. You can get even old samples. Download the original version by Charles Franklin just in a couple of minutes! It's nice that these records were preserved in their original form. Lossless convey the atmosphere of those years can only be a good sound.

If you are just pouring into the atmosphere of mad soul, you can start with the basics. Entries for expansion mp3 best left to modern songs. The fact is that its quality is poor. This mp3 recording cannot maintain the purity of the sound of old records. In order to enjoy the sound of vinyl it is better to use a different format. One of the best is Flac. It has a larger file size. However, Flac also retains different sounds, without mixing them. You may have to search a little for files in this extension. Despite the fact that Flac is not supported by an absolute majority of devices, it's worth it.