Albums of Soft Rock music

Classic soft rock songs aim to achieve a softer, more pleasing sound to make this kind of music nice to listen to. Such melodies may be useful, for example, at work or while driving. Therefore, we suggest you to purchase these songs in our online store and download them to your MP3 players. The compositions in lossless FLAC format will help you concentrate and cheer you up when necessary. Music opens the door to another world. In this world, you can do without words because there is a kingdom of sounds. Music soothes or excites, amuses or causes sad mood. It captures the soul of man, if he or she is able to hear it. Soft rock love songs are often sung with high-pitched voice. Male singers (who predominate in number) usually have tenor vocals. Lyrics of popular soft rock songs, as a rule, focus on pleasant themes such as love, friendship, and everyday life. Another peculiarity is a common use of acoustic instruments. To help a listener to relax, soft rock artists often use piano and saxophones. So, this kind of music may be also used for creation of a special atmosphere for romantic evenings. Therefore, we suggest every couple in love to buy the most romantic songs in lossless quality provided by FLAC format. You can also download tracks from our online store to your MP3 player and listen to them together.

Top groups

The list of the best soft rock bands and artists includes names known to everyone:

  • James Blunt (probably, he is the most romantic of soft rock singers; every woman dreams to hear his hit “You’re Beautiful” performed for her);
  • Lionel Richie (year after year, Richie led the American charts with a series of soulful ballads such as “Truly” (1982) and “Hello” (1983), which became soft rock greatest hits);
  • Poets of the Fall (because of skillful accompaniment of musicians and silky voice of Marko Saaresto it may be named one of the best soft rock bands ever);
  • Elton John (besides awards for the best instrumental compositions and vocal, he received Golden Globe and Oscar in the category "Best Song" for the animated film "The Lion King" –  90s soft rock hit);
  • The Carpenters (this is the first of the 70s soft rock bands, whose version of "(They Long to Be) Close to You" is believed to be the first example composition of the style);
  • Bee Gees (in 70s soft rock hits of this band, including "Israel" ballad crowned the charts);
  • OneRepublic (the youngest group on the list, which is already extremely popular);
  • Bryan Adams (his top soft rock songs are often extremely powerful and kind, therefore, they are often used as soundtracks to movies and cartoons);
  • The Rasmus (some songs of this band are rather active, hard, and dynamic, but such as “October and April” and “Livin' In The World Without You” can be included to the list of the best soft rock songs);
  • U2 (its hit of 80s soft rock music “With or Without You” became a trademark of the band and was awarded by MTV Video Music Awards 1987 and Rolling Stone Magazine Music Awards 1987).

Place in the history of music

Today, the discussed genre is not the most popular among the youth. However, the best of soft rock is still appreciated and admired by numerous fans. You can also buy various collections on CDs and online. The songs are also often broadcasted on radio and clips are rotated on TV. Tickets to concerts of still existing bands playing in this style and still performing artists are always sold out. They release albums and organize world tours. Those, who want to be able to listen to favorite tracks whenever they want, can buy lossless quality music in FLAC format at Music is always a good purchase!