Albums of Ska music

The birth

Ska music appeared in the 50s. Jamaica was the homeland of the genre. Ska music often includes jazz motifs. Among the main musical instruments, there are such:

  • guitars (including bass);
  • drum;
  • bass;
  • trumpet (or sax / trombone).

Best ska songs were presented as a symbol of Jamaican music. Initial experiments had, by the way, quite another name. Ska songs in England are called “Bluebit”. The first wave of popularity covered it when players have become more affordable. Dancing with the popular ska songs have ceased to be such mass. In the 70s, the music again got its second wind. At this time, the best ska albums were created. 90s gave the third stage of development of the genre. Famous ska songs this time were characterized by a mixture of styles. Musicians began to use elements of rock, jazz, hardcore and others. The best ska music usually had a special symbol on the cover of the CD. It was a black and white checkered grid. Later, the picture became a full-fledged symbol of the ska movement. Despite this, ska never was a separate subculture.

Subcultural case

After the explosion of emo subculture, ska was also trying to find its niche. Purchase merchandise was far more active in the promotion of a wave. Attributes included not only CDs but also many things. Teens wanted to buy checkered wristbands, shirts, caps. They used the fashion industry rather than the music one. Purchase of clothing was very active. However, the same genre screen failed again being completely regenerated. If at the beginning of the road, many wanted to buy records like ska, then later it became just another one forgotten style. It was a shining example of how popularization can literally ruin all.

However, many music store is still able to provide records. There are still groups that are actively involved in promoting the genre. Of course, hiking in the real old-school store was left in the past. Now more and more is happening on the Internet. Being able to get online record shows how ska still keeps the public interest. Unfortunately, each year relationship with Jamaican roots are getting more and more forgotten. Online requests rarely include pure ska music. Most often, there are works with impurities of various genres.

As for the format, there are mixed opinions. On the one hand, the music could not be moved lossless to the current time. On the other hand, there are old recording. With the ability to get them lossless, we can appreciate one of the first ska experiments. Nevertheless, listen to what ska continues to be as music is important too. Despite the fact that virtually nothing of the first traditions was saved lossless, the second and third waves remained entrenched. Listening to music should be at a better-quality format. As one of the best, you can choose Flac. Many believe it is not the most popular. MP3 is much more in demand and distributed. However, the sound quality is poor. Flac was established as a professional format. At the same time, particularly the old sound recordings sound clearly. MP3 is more suited to modern songs.