Albums of Punk Rock music

Punk as a genre has emerged in the mid-1970s in the United States and the UK. As in any other sub-direction of rock, punk artists express critical attitude to society and politics. This is manifested in aggressive music and behavior of popular artists.

British stage

The list of British punk rock legends starts with Sex Pistols. This is a band that, despite the short existence (1975-1978), greatly influenced all further development of music. Their songs were simple and provocative, dirty and rough, they horrified all the ladies and gentlemen in conservative England. Members of this punk rock band were the real rebels, who went through unsuccessful attempts of ban.

During their concert, the musicians drank and smoked on stage. In 1977, they released the single God Save the Queen – one of top punk rock songs, which, of course, has caused another scandal. In support of the single musicians organized a concert on the boat: Sex Pistols sang God Save the Queen, sailing on the Thames near the Palace of Westminster. Even though, now you cannot visit their concert, you can download their songs in out online-store. There, you can buy albums and the greatest singles of the group in MP3 and FLAC formats.

Another one of classic punk rock groups is The Clash. This is a band that has achieved incredible success and performed at the world's largest festivals. Lyrics of their punk rock music hits narrated about what they have seen around, what bothered them, and what they did not agree with. “White Riot” is believed to be one of the best punk rock songs and it is available in our online store in lossless quality. However, The Clash, unlike many new punk rock artists, did not limit themselves in genre and experimented with styles and sounds. After signing a contract with CBS Records, one of the famous international record labels, musicians were accused of selling themselves out, but The Clash remained true to themselves. Their album London Calling released in 70s is still in top ten most popular punk rock albums. Now it is available for purchase on

Another outstanding figure of British stage is a group called The Exploited. They started their career with good punk rock songs; later, their style little by little transformed in the direction of hardcore and metal. However, the Exploited always remained true to punk tradition: they did not sing songs about love, their feature were anarchistic and rebellious texts with curses, the noise and fury of the music. You can experience aggressive atmosphere of their creativity, if you download or buy their MP3s. By the way, they were the ones, who set the trend to wear Iroquois and piercing. The name of their album Punk's Not Dead remains the slogan of the punk movement. You can buy T-shirts, bags, and different accessories with these words in almost all punk rock stores.

American stage

If the British punk rock began with Sex Pistols, the US started with the Ramones. This is one of the best punk rock bands, which was organized in 1974 in New York and is considered to be one of the pioneers of the genre. During its career (disbanded in 1996), the band released fourteen studio albums, a lot of compilations and live albums, which now are available for purchase in lossless quality (FLAC format). Ramones had an enormous impact not only on the formation of new punk rock bands, but also on the development of alternative music in general. These four simple guys in leather jackets, torn blue jeans, and sneakers did not show off like rock stars, trying to look better than they really were. All fans still remember “Hey! Ho! Let's Go!” from their punk rock song.

Another band, included by many critics into top 10 of this genre, is the Pixies. It is believed that Pixies launched a massive wave of alternative music in the late 1980s, but their debut album, Come on Pilgrim is very punk and melancholy, gloomy, with fierce guitar sound and chaotic melodies. The style and sound of the band changed and progressed from album to album and now their songs are available in FLAC format.  The Pixies’ music had inestimable influence on the entire generation of alternative rock musicians, for example:

  • Nirvana;
  • Thom Yorke;
  • Death Cab for Cutie.

The band remains active in 2000s.

All the above-mentioned groups influenced the development of many modern artists. In particular, their performance at "First European Punk Rock Festival" in Mont de Marsan in France highly influenced French punk rock singers.