Albums of Punk music

The emergence of punk music genre is a natural phenomenon in the subculture of rock, which reflects modern social trends. Elements of unbridled wildness bordering with the animal impulse were a reaction of a "generation without a future," deprived of a release of raging spiritual forces. Although, it is worth noting that good punk music can be different. It has spread geographically and stylistically. Each country gained its style with its own peculiarities, for example, Korean punk music and Russian punk. However, it seems expedient to consider a few of its branches according to subgenres.


This style is the foundation of the classic punk. Initially, old punk music bands gathered in garages, basements, and bars, in a rather narrow circle of friends and admirers and had no desire to conquer the big stage. The music was aimed at self-expression rather than fame. However, as it often happens, new punk music began to extend beyond the original frames and became widespread. Therefore, now you can buy compositions of both famous and almost unknown singers in lossless FLAC format.

Proto-punk music artists did not propagate anything. Their ideas were based on three musical styles of the time:

  • rockabilly,
  • rhythm and blues
  • rock 'n' roll.

The Velvet Underground is considered to be the first popular band, which has become a kind of style icon. Their music and work were marked by minimalism, dingy sound, with a plenty of distortion, but with all this, they have managed to become a model for future generations and a representative of the best punk music. The key album of The Velvet Underground, was the legendary «The Velvet Underground & Nico», released in 1967. This album is available in our online store, where it remains one of the leaders of punk music downloads.

Punk rock

Punk rock emerged in the 60s in the US, and then after some time in England. In all regions of America there appeared a large number of such groups; they were unknown and used to play in garages, hence the name. The main idea of punk is protest against injustice in general, against the rich, against the false society.

In the US, the founders of punk movement were Velvet Underground, MC5 and Iggy and the Stooges. Online store may help you to download music, punk albums, singles etc. The tracks are available there in FLAC and MP3 formats.

In 1977, in the UK, the popularity of British punk music reached a large scale, the number of bands numbered in the thousands. This new movement has led to the creation of their own recording studio, printing of thematic magazines, and later – development of punk music sites. Nowadays, the genre is quite commercial: people buy compositions of the best musicians at sites and in stores.

It is also necessary to mention that alongside with the UK and USA, the genre was developing in Europe as well. Especially noticeable is French punk music, because the first European Punk Rock Festival was held at Mont-de-Marsan in1976.


Ska-punk appeared in the mid-90s, and immediately attracted the attention of the general public. That however, is not surprising, because it is absorbed and processed in itself features many musical directions. So in the ska-punk can be found echoes of pop, funk, reggae, ska, hardcore, and of course, the classic punk.

The pioneers who dared to mix reggae and punk, was the group The Clash. By taking such a risk, they became the ancestors of a new direction, and they were followed by British bands such as The Specials and The Madness, which all together were also called as "the second coming". This meant a second wave of punk revival, which could go up through the efforts of those who are not afraid to experiment. In 80s punk music in America revived and "second wave" started thanks to a group called Fishbone.

Such outstanding representatives of the genre like The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, Less than Jake, Sublime, Rancid, Goldfinger and others write their lyrics in optimistic, but rather cruel and ironic manner. You can hear this if you buy albums of these bands. provides files in MP3 and FLAC formats for your convenience. However, we suggest you to purchase audio in lossless FLAC format.


This subgenre emerged during 1971-1978. People were tired of aggressive and dirty punk and returned to the theme of sadness and romance, concentrating on internal human problems. Famous representatives of post-punk in Britain are Joy Division, Japan and others. These artists played quite dark music.