Albums of Post Rock music

It is highly recommended for true audiophiles, who like heavy but rather sophisticated sound, to download post rock. This is a genre of experimental music, whose definition is rather ambiguous. It is characterized by the use of the same instruments as in rock and rhythm and melodies that are not typical for it. New feature of minimalism meant the transition to the new principle of composition. Slowly changing rhythmic figures created a sort of moiré effect, music produced static impression, but the composition was developing during its performance. The representatives of the genre mainly play instrumental compositions. Except aforementioned ones, the direction combines elements of various genres including electronic music.

Early representatives

The genre appeared and developed under the influence of the groupі of the late 1960s. Such bands as Velvet Underground and Public Image Ltd (aka PiL) are believed to be the founders of the direction. Another enormous impact on the genre was caused by Kraut-rock of the 1960s, in particular through the device of motility.

PiL’s second album called «Metal Box» (1979) group almost completely moved away from traditional rock techniques in favor of dense kraut tunes, which caused fans’ interest and made them buy post rock songs on tapes. The third album - «Flowers of Romance» (1981) - has become even more radical. They all are now available for download in MP3, M4A or lossless FLAC quality.

The groups of the early 1990s were recognized to be the most influential in the development of the genre. Talk Talk’s album «Laughing Stock» still remains one of the hits of post rock download.

During the next period of its development, the genre rose to a mixture of jazz and kraut-rock. Music used to bear instrumental character acquiring a shade of electronics since 1994.

The end of the century was marked by appearance of the legendary compositions, which still crown the top of post rock music downloads

  • Slint’s “Don, Aman”
  • Tortoise’s – “Djed”
  • Mogwai’s – “Helicon 1”
  • Dianogah’s “What Is Your Landmass”

The second album of Tortoise called «Millions Now Living Will Never Die» made the group an icon of the discussed style and still remains a hit of post rock albums downloads. Many groups began their career inspired by the sound of Tortoise.

The starting point for many outstanding groups of the direction became Montreal, where numerous groups recorded under the label Constellation. True fans of post rock buy albums of these bands all over the world.  These artists are usually characterized as ranging between specific genres, performing compositions with elements of jazz and chamber music.

The 2000s

It is impossible not to mention the group called Sigur Rós speaking about development of the genre. After the world saw their album «Ágætis Byrjun», it has become one of the leaders of post rock downloads of the 21st century. Songs from their latest album, released in 2008, broadcasted on radio and television, which is a rare phenomenon for post-rock. This is explained by shorter length of tracks and a simple structure of the songs. Aside from Sigur Rós, the genre has brought popularity to such groups as Hammock, 65daysofstatic, Sonore, Caspian and Mono. They are the leaders of contemporary post rock download. With some exceptions, the post-rock bands of our century are characterized by:

  • almost complete rejection of vocal;
  • more frequent use of sample rhythm sections (Maybeshewill, 65daysofstatic);
  • almost universal use of thematic video sequences at concerts (God Is An Astronaut) to emphasize the atmosphere and ideas of music;
  • very strong impact of progressive metal.