Albums of Pop music

Music surrounds us everywhere and accompanies us lifelong. One finds in it the expression of his or her feelings and experiences. Others download lossless tracks to MP3 players and listen to it in gyms or while jogging. Different genres are meant for different purposes and focused on different audiences. However, pure pop music does not have some special intended recipients; it is designated for everyone. Some like active compositions, while others prefer soft pop music download. In our online store everyone will be able to find and buy something he or she likes.

Features of pop

Critics use some criteria for differentiating pop music genre. However, the main requirement is simple, easy to percept melody. Popular pop music songs are based on a conservative scheme consisting of verse followed by chorus. Rhythmic structure plays an important role in this genre: many songs are written for dance and have clear, unchangeable bits.

The main instrument in good pop music is the human voice. Accompaniment plays a secondary role: accompanying musicians do not play solo, and often are neither songwriters nor group leaders. Therefore, there are not so many bands among famous pop music artists.

The basic unit of this style is a single. Therefore, there are not so many pop music albums. Long compositions with extensive instrumental parts, as well as concept albums, occur almost never. The average length of the song tends to be between 2 and 4 minutes, which corresponds to radio-friendly format. Therefore, songs of all pop music artists are so often rotated on radio. For those, who do not listen to radio and prefer their MP3 players or phones, provides the opportunity to download or purchase songs in lossless quality, which is provided by FLAC codec. Thanks to our online store, it is extremely easy to download pop music.

Lyrics usually focus on personal experiences, emotions: love, sadness, joy. Of great importance is also visual representation of songs: live shows and videos. There also take place numerous fests and concerts featuring famous pop music artists. Thus, many performers have an extravagant image. On the stage, artists are often accompanied by dancers, extras, and other people who are not involved in the performance of music, but play a great role in the show.

The greatest representatives

Representatives of this genre are usually creative and extraordinary people ready for experiments, but no so far as experimental performers. Top pop music singers are granted with different awards, for example Grammy Awards, World Music Awards, MTV Video Music Awards etc. Recently, The Telegraph announced rating of the best female pop singers of all times. It is no wonder that the prizes went to experienced artists instead of the latest pop music stars. The first place was taken by the singer Madonna, who, according to the newspaper experts, made a great contribution to the development of popular culture in general. All the songs of this outstanding singer are available for purchase or download at our site in lossless FLAC format.

According to the list that covered 20-years period of time, the best pop music hits are the following:

  • Madonna — Frozen;
  • Michael Jackson — Billie Jean;
  • ABBA — Dancing Queen.
  • Whitney Houston — I Will Always Love You

All these songs, as well as other melodic and beautiful compositions, are available for download at our online store. You can also buy them in FLAC format.

New trends

Given popularity of new pop music groups from Asian countries, it is necessary to mention such directions as K-pop and J-pop.

K-pop is a South Korean genre that combines trendy Western music and active Japanese pop. Rapper Psy with his popular "Gangnam Style" and the newest pop music song "Daddy" is the best illustration to this statement. Another outstanding representative is a team Big Bang.

J-pop is an integral part of Japanese pop culture. It is everywhere: in marketing, films, TV and radio shows, video games, and anime. Many TV programs buy J-pop tracks to use in credits. Lyrics are commonly in Japanese or English language.