Albums of Noise music

Noise music genre causes endless talks and disputes among music admirers. Some are fans of this trend, while others, on the contrary, even refuse to consider this harsh noise music as a musical genre. To make it clear, this is a kind of industrial style, where the music is created by the city life itself – that is, by all the objects around us. Thus “musical instruments” are pipes, vacuum cleaners, computers, cars and much more. Therefore, joyful noise music brings pleasure to its creators, who really care about what they do. They also do not have to buy musical instruments for playing their songs, as they can be created from differed unusual things or just combined from different recorded sounds off the top of musician’s head.

This style is often not recognized as a separate genre by many critics who reject the ability to create melodies in a cacophony, and do not consider refrigerators and jackhammers to be musical instruments. However, if you listen attentively, all these cutting and creaking sounds create beautiful noise music with subtle motives and complex composite constructions emerging from everyday sounds. Sometimes, noise music artists are compared with the abstract artist, who also long sought recognition of their own works of art. However, even now people actively purchase their albums. This service is also available for our users, who can buy compositions of this unusual style in lossless quality of FLAC or MP3 format.

History of the genre

The very idea of melody creation with the help of unusual instruments is not new. Luigi Russolo (1885 - 1947) is considered to be one of the first theorists of electronic noise music and the inventor of this genre. Harry Partch, in his turn, used so-called "spoils of war" (tires, airplane fuel tanks and shells of artillery shells) in 1952 for his experimental records. Thus, we can see that the principles of this technique were developed already in the first half of the 20th century.

Contemporary achievements

Nowadays, musicians often work with inaudible sounds, i.e. sounds with such sound waves which the person perceives unconsciously. According to many authors, it is necessary to listen to them using the whole body. Those or other types of noise are called by name of one of the colors. For example, the most popular is the concept of white noise music as white noise is an ideal construct, like a blackbody.

The best noise music is believed to originate from Japan. Merzbow (Masami Akita) is considered to be the founder of the Japanese noise. He writes music for more than twenty years, and tours around the world. Users of our web store have the possibility to buy or download his songs from The administration provides the best available quality of audio files. Therefore, users can download or purchase tracks in lossless quality choosing between MP3 or FLAC formats. Currently, he actively re- releases his old works and unreleased recordings, selling them in so to say noise music shop.

Finnish duo Pan Sonic offered its own variation of this genre, which you can listen to using our joyful noise music store, which operates online. Many of its compositions consist only of a single sound, which then passes the multiple processing. This concept also found numerous followers and some believe it to be the best noise music.

For those, who like joyful noise music, stores provide numerous albums of such artists and bands as

  • Boris;
  • Big Black;
  • Merzbow;
  • Cow;
  • Zeni Geva, etc.

The albums are available for users of our site in lossless quality provided by FLAC format.