Albums of New Wave music

Every melomaniac, who downloads new wave songs, has to know at least something about this genre. This is a musical direction, which refers to various genres of rock music. It appeared in the late 1970s and stylistically and ideologically cut the painter with previous genres of rock. This is a disputable category, represented by a mixture of pop and rock music, which existed in 1970s -1980s. Some see this style as connected to punk rock. Truly, the direction had been initially seen as a punk rock before it separated in a distinctive genre, including aspects of electronic music, subculture of Mods, disco and pop of the 1960s. So, it is not surprising that back then all the progressive youth used to buy audiotapes with songs of this genre. Nowadays, it is possible to find both modem and old audios in MP3, M4A or lossless FLAC quality.

This movement is different from the post-punk direction in the fact that it has certain features common to pop music, although it includes most of the original sound and ideas of punk rock at the same time featuring more complex melodies and lyrics, which make people buy new wave music.

The genre is considered as one of the most influential of the 1980s. It has become an integral part of MTV, and popularity of certain groups, determined by rotation of the clips on the channel, made people download new wave music. In the mid-1980s, the differences between the discussed direction and other genres began to fade. The revival in the 1990s and the beginning of the 21st century was short-lived, but in 2004 its popularity began to increase, and in the future, new wave albums influenced different musical styles.

Emergence in the UK

By the end of 1977 there prevailed the understanding of the term as description of the advanced underground music performed in the UK, represented by groups playing not quite punk rock, which came out of the punk environment. The British stage welcomed such artists of the direction as:

  • Sex Pistols;
  • Ian Dury;
  • Dr. Feelgood;
  • Graham Parker.

Their albums ensured new wave music downloads among different subcultural groups. The youth rushed to buy tickets to their concerts.

The US heritage

The United States’ artists followed the experience of the Brits and created the direction represented by the following groups:

  • Talking Heads;
  • Blondie;
  • Dead Boys;

They performed new wave songs downloaded and bought by melomaniacs all over the world.

By the end of the 1980s, most of the groups, which represented the style in the previous decade, either ceased to exist or have developed their own sound, different from the previous techniques. At the same time, emerging groups (usually from continental Europe) have successfully started to use an arsenal of technological and melodic finds of the discussed direction, this way even now ensuring new wave songs downloads.