Albums of Metalcore music

Metalcore is a popular subgenre of rock music, which was formed of a mixture of different genres of metal and hardcore punk, hence the name of the style. The term in its present sense appeared in the early 1990s. Today, there are many sites that provide old and new mp3s of the best metalcore bands. However, only our web-portal enables its users to buy the best metalcore songs in lossless quality in flac and mp3 formats. You can also listen to your favorite songs online. This way, you can be sure in quality of service our store provides.


Since the original metal core scene formed around hardcore punk, its ideology is rooted in this genre. Basically, performers borrowed straight edge ideology from hardcore punk, but there were exceptions like Integrity and Converge. Converge based their lyrics on personal experiences and failed love. At the same time, Christianity is very common in metallic hardcore. Many members of certain groups position themselves as Christian believers, which sometimes appears to be a marketing trick (for example, As I Lay Dying), which makes people purchase their music.


Due to its popularity, metal core music has several derivatives. The most widespread are the following:

  1. Mathcore. It appeared in the mid-1990s and was coined by analogy with math rock. This style is characterized by high speed, technicality and performance of an unusual rhythm.
  2. Melodic metalcore. The early 2000s were marked by the beginning of formation of the third wave of metal core groups. The hallmark of these groups was a much stronger emphasis on melodic music and a marked affinity with post-hardcore groups. The main basis for this was a mixture of metalcore with melodic death metal, mainly of the Swedish scene.
  3. Deathcore. With the growing popularity of metalcore music, some features of the latter entered the death metal. In this sub-genre, high-speed beats (including blast beats), low-tuned guitars, tremolo and growling from death metal combine with screaming, melodic riffs and breakdowns of metalcore.


The following list includes the best metalcore bands.

  1. Bullet for My Valentine was formed in 1998 in the town of Bridgend, Wales. Their first songs were covers of Metallica and Nirvana. Their album “The Poison” released in 2006 is not new but still occupies prominent positions among the best metalcore albums. Probably, you will not find a rocker, who has never heard Tears Don't Fall and All These Things I Hate. Of course, it is much better to listen to these hits in lossless flac quality.
  2. As I Lay Dying was formed in early 2001 in San Diego. Every rating of the best metalcore albums includes their “Frail Words Collapse”. The themes of their songs have always been personal experiences, inner struggle, the meaning of life, suffering, and God. Today, the activity of the band is paused because of the arrest of its vocalist Tim Lambesis. However, you can still buy metallic hardcore tracks performed by this legendary band or listen to them online in our store.

The band Killswitch Engage was formed in 1998 in Boston from the pieces of the collapsed group Overcast. The band represents a perfect blend of melody and brutality in metalcore music. Without going into any of the extremes, guys adapt almost classical harmony in the metal core, which make people buy their music in lossless flac quality.