Albums of Metal music

After its emergence in 1970s, this genre has passed a long way of development. In 80s, metal music artists reached peak of their popularity, and then branched into many extreme forms. In 90s, as a result of diffusion with different genres, there appeared nearly a dozen of sub-genres of new metal music, or even more.


Metal music singers have created a separate subculture, which went beyond limits of music. Themes of songs, musicians’ philosophy, and style of life in general have become an important phenomenon of rock society.

True fans, who believe that metal is the best music genre, have created a separate culture. Many groups of this genre have achieved great success among a mass audience. The best metal music bands such as Metallica, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Rammstein, Nightwish became the winners of different awards, such as the Grammy, and performed in front of thousands of people. Their songs have participated successfully in many charts and their videos are rotated by popular TV channels. Metalheads purchase and download them using various online-stores. They even became leaders of metal music download.

At the same time, metal, as well as the majority of rock directions, ideologically opposes the pop culture. Many fans of this genre condemn commercialization of good metal music and its involvement in the show business. The proportion of representatives of this style in relation to radio and TV broadcast is very low, therefore, admirers of the genre use top metal music websites to get to know necessary information. Some extreme groups deliberately choose to remain underground, refusing awards and sometimes even not playing concerts (e.g., Darkthrone). They reject commercialization and do not want fans to buy their MP3s.

Lyrics and themes

Most metalheads write texts in English. Even foreign (German, Scandinavian) groups, resort to it in order to speak in a common language with fans, who buy metal music releases. There are even some groups that do not sing in English or their native language, but use very "exotic" language. For example, Summoning has a song in the language of Tolkien's Orcs. This song is popular among metal music downloads.

Lyrics differ from subgenre to subgenre. You can see the difference, if you download metal music from Our online store ensures lossless quality of sound in both MP3 and FLAC formats.

Thus, themes of war, violence, and death are typical for the death metal; the theme of melancholy and mystery – for doom and gothic metal, occult themes – for black and heavy metal. Power metal often turns to history and fantasy. So, you can choose any theme you want and download songs in lossless FLAC format. Thus, in creation of their mp3 music metal bands of various genres often appeal to the creativity of science fiction writers, mythology, legends, religious and mystical works.

Clothing and other attributes

Fans of the genre not only buy songs in lossless quality (in FLAC format), but also dress in a proper way. Such bands as Iron Maiden and Manowar used to wear T-shirts without sleeves, and, following the example of rockers and hippies of 1960s-70s, grew their hair long. However, nowadays, metalheads usually buy leather jackets and trousers, chains and rivets, as well as black T-shirts with symbols of the bands, which everyone can purchase in metal music stores. Many groups organize special shows during their tours. Therefore, they often build huge and expensive decorations, use sophisticated pyrotechnics and extras in costumes.