Albums of Lo-Fi music

Street protests

Lo fi music is a challenge that the musicians decided to face with the society. It was made against professionally recorded tracks, against expensive studios and others. Lo fi music is usually written in the most simple cassette recorders or WAV sound. Thus, the music has a significant amount of noise. Lo Fi music does not sound very clean, but the musicians are sure that this does not affect the songs. Of course, this implies a particular genre. Usually lofi music is:

According to the musicians, excessive purity of sound kills the soul of music. Lofi music turns livelier. This movement was originated with such convictions in the 70s. The official genre of lofi music was identified in the '80s. Than alternative rock records were made only by usual amateur cassette recorders. Interestingly, usually most people wanted to get rid of lofi sound, but in the end, it just made the song especially bright. Gradually, very outspoken rejection of the quality came to nothing, but the trend remained slightly.

Commercial success there

Obviously, such an approach to recording was mastered not to increase purchase. People were interested in the approach to the music, its philosophy. “To buy” it did not mean “to save”. It was meant to support performers. Since the garage rock and alternative were rebellious genres, people with a similar energy wanted to buy it. The genre flourished in the early 90s. After that, the desire of fans to buy this kind of music, too, began to decline. Gradually, the fashion on other genres and musicians has grown respectively.

The most popular groups in this style were Beck and Sebadoh. Genre still exists nowadays. Of course, at the moment, it is far less popular. However, current use the old tape is even more difficult. The most popular models are no longer produced. Musicians have to try to find a way.

We can talk constantly on the quality of the sound. There is no need to keep it lossless. The musicians do not consider it as important. However, it is considered valuable to preserve lossless sound that artists want to convey. In other words, we cannot further degrade it. The essence of music will go into a single drone if you do not save the sound lossless. These songs will resemble a very bad concert recording.

The most famous is the MP3 format. It is light in weight and easy to find. Furthermore, mp3 is playing on all devices. However, paradoxically, for the poor quality of the music, it is best to use a good format. For example, Flac. This extension has a fairly large file size. However, Flac has different approach to quality. It retains its original appearance. Flac is closest to the sound of vinyl records. As we remember, they too are not particularly clean. Flac will be the smart choice.