Albums of Krautrock music

Post-war years

Kraut rock is a trend of psychedelic music. It is particularly common in Germany, where it appeared. Kraut rock is an experimental genre. Getting it takes from the 60s of the last century. Krautrock music has the main distinguishing features:

  • a mixture of rock and electronics;
  • basic rock instruments (electric guitar etc.);
  • emphasis on instrumental motives;
  • appearance after the war years, the hope to fill a cultural failure in the future.

In the creation of the genre were involved both German and American culture. Surprisingly, Krautrock music influenced the hippie movement. The most characteristic bands still trace their history from the 70s. Best Krautrock songs influenced on the work of such well-known musicians as Radiohead. Even the Red Hot Chili Peppers are fans of this music. Best Krautrock albums had significant impact on the work of contemporary groups. Perhaps some artists do not even fully aware of how important the music is. Krautrock albums are experimental combination of many styles. Among those genres that emerged from KR is famous ambient, post-punk, and most actively distributed indie rock. The greatest Krautrock albums originally could carry negative. The word "kraut" was slang and rather offensive synonymous with "German" but with time everything changed for the best.

Continuation of a story

This music was not aimed at commerce. People wanted to buy it, as it was quite diverse. In spite of everything, it cannot be called pure rock. To buy the CD meant to get long melodic losses. Musicians, especially at the beginning, were very fond of experimenting with the solo. These recordings can be in demand of purchase now. Over time, the genre has changed, but not beyond recognition. That rock part in the title refers rather to the use of the guitar. So, to buy the product in this style is rather to sale something original. In addition, the sound was quite minimalist. Despite this, the wish to buy it grew. Interesting sound was claimed.

Popular compositions are still well-known. You can compare the sound of groups of previous years. Popular artists have found their own style. The sound of winds simulates psychedelic trance. Popular sound is bewitching, and confusing to the listener. This music cannot be called hard, but it is definitely not easy.

The songs have virtually no theme. The absence of a pronounced lyrical line is another feature of this genre. The emphasis in the songs made on the music, not on the lyrics. For some, it is just an opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of sound.

Transfer the genre lossless, as we have said, failed. There is nothing surprising in it: almost half a century groups were able to maintain only the general outline and the ideology of the genre. This lossless part was left for rhythmic compositions. This rhythm is the basis of the KR. Lossless saving of audio loops, turns at the short duration of sound is an art. Unlike rock ballads, the music sounds briefly and gently.

As for quality, new compositions perfectly retain it in mp3. For older records, it is better to use a clearer format. Typically, Flac stands as the most appropriate. This extension has a fairly large size of the files. Among the few drawbacks of Flac there is the failure of some players to read it. However, it is not so difficult to find it. Flac is quite widespread. It was established as a professional format. At the same time, mp3 conquers with small file size. Moreover, it is absolutely universal. All players can easily read MP3 files.