Albums of K-Pop music

K-pop (an abbreviation for Korean pop) is a musical genre that arose in South Korea and has incorporated elements of western electropop, hip-hop, dance music and modern rhythm and blues.

Worldwide fame

The largest consumer of Korean pop music is Japan. This country is the leader of kpop music download. Sales of products of Korean artists in the country exceed hundreds of millions dollars.

A growing number of American artists agree to work with Korean ones, among them such well-known artists like Kanye West and the Jonas Brothers. They record songs and release albums together, which quickly become leaders of kpop music download (MP3, M4A, FLAC). In addition, the Korean pop music has been appreciated by the famous music producers like Quincy Jones, Teddy Riley, as well as Grammy producer Alicia Keys.

The popular Billboard magazine even started publishing Korea K-pop Hot 100. New York Festival of Korean pop music has gathered more than 40,000 visitors, who always listen to and download kpop music. A singer Rain topped the list of one hundred most influential people in 2011, being a leader of kpop music downloads. CNN called this genre the third reason to visit Korea. Wonder Girls became the first Korean pop group that topped the Billboard Hot 100 for their kpop music MP3s.

The most famous songs include:

  • EXO – “Love, Love, Love”
  • Girls’ Generation – “Gee”
  • HyunA – “Bubble Pop!”
  • H.O.T. – “Candy”.


Appearing originally as a musical genre, K-pop has become a large-scale musical subculture with millions of fans among young people around the world.

K-popper is a person who listens to this genre, can be attributed to fandom of some South Korean group and watches Korean dramas. K-popper’s manner of communication is different from other people and usually includes many Korean words. Each band has its own fandom. For example, fans download kpop music of such popular groups as:

  • Shinee-Shawols;
  • Super Junior-ELF;
  • BAP-Babys;
  • SNSD-Sone;
  • Big Bang-VIP, etc.

Admirers of the genre are ready to buy tickets to their concerts or related events at any price. Their songs are available in MP3 or any other lossless quality.

The success of the direction is attributed to the fact that its marketing model is different from international practice. First of all, it is a developed system of fan clubs, thematic schools, sites and services for the fans. This makes them download k-pop music. Active participation of idols in communicating with fans through social networks also contributes to their success. This also contributed to the strong support and distribution of products and information through different sites, social networks, portals and video resources. All these facts increase the number of teenagers, who buy or download k-pop music every minute.