Albums of Jazz music

Jazz originated as a mixture of European and African musical cultures. African heritage in the face of slaves, transported from the western coast of Africa to America, gifted classic jazz music such feature as improvisation, plasticity, and rhythm, European - melody and harmony of sounds, minor and major standards. This is originally dance music, therefore many audiophiles listen to jazz albums to be in a cheerful frame of mind or buy singles for parties.


Jazz is a style of improvisation. Here prevails creativity, which, combined with improvisation, gives the development to a variety of styles. Thus, the songs of African slaves were brought to Europe and divided into numerous subgenres, including:

  • blues;
  • ragtime;
  • jazz funk;
  • hard bop;
  • boogie-woogie, and others.

Common features of jazz songs are the following:

  • complex rhythmic structure;
  • improvisations, which commonly occur at the beginning of compositions;
  • unconventional use of musical instruments;
  • emotional performance.

An important date in the history of the genre is January 30, 1917. Back then, Victor studio placed in New York has made the first jazz gramophone record. These were the two plays - "Livery Stable Blues" and "Dixie Jazz Band one Step" - performed by Original Dixieland Jazz Band. Fairly quickly after recording, prestigious and expensive restaurants started to buy records to be played there. Nowadays, such devices are used only by completists or researchers. Everyone prefers to purchase music in MP3 or lossless FLAC formats.

Legends of the genre

After reviewing numerous ratings and charts it appeared that old jazz music artists are still considered to be top ones. According to the opinion of music critics and usual fans of the style, the following list describes true legends of the genre among artists:

  1. Louis Armstrong. This trumpeter is believed to be one of the best jazz musicians of all times. He is revered for his lively style, inventiveness, virtuosity, musical expressiveness and dynamics. Moreover, Louis Armstrong remains the leader of modern jazz music download. He is known and loved for his raspy voice and a career lasting for more than five decades. His songs are available at in both MP3 and FLAC formats.
  2. Duke Ellington. This prominent jazz musician is a pianist, composer, and director of jazz orchestra for almost 50 years. He used his great jazz band for his experiments, in which he demonstrated the talents of group members, many of whom stayed with him for a long time. Ellington is incredibly gifted and prolific musician. During his fifty-year career, he wrote thousands of pieces of cool jazz music, including compositions for films and musicals, as well as many well-known standards. His works are available for purchase and download in our online-store.
  3. Miles Davis. He is one of the most influential jazz artists of the 20th century. He was a central figure in jazz music since the mid-1940s. It is important to listen to this diversity of genres in lossless quality (provided by FLAC format) in order not to miss a single note. Davis added some colors to the palette of musical virtuosity, so that he is often described as one of the most inventive and respected jazz singers.
  4. Nat King Cole. With his comforting baritone, this popular jazz singer brought the famous American emotionality to jazz. Those, who are not acquainted with his creativity, can download or buy his songs using our online store.

It should be mentioned that the best jazz music is created by bands or even orchestras. The most famous of them are the following:

  • Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra (American professional big band);
  • The Puppini Sisters (British vocal trio);
  • Dutch Swing College Band (one of good jazz bands and a long-liver of European stage).