Albums of J-Pop music

Japanese culture

J Pop bands are the bands of Japanese musicians. This is what says the prefix with the letter J, which means Japan. J Pop bands can be quite diverse in terms of performance. Even rock music, if it is not too heavy, can refer to this genre. Top J Pop artists stand out even on the Japanese scene. By the way, the term itself was coined specifically. The author of a particular genre for the top J Pop artists was a Japanese radio station. Also, the term may refer to those artists who give voice to the characters in the anime. J Pop music can be quite different in sound. Nevertheless, it has common features. Top J pop songs have the following characteristics:

  • cheerful motifs;
  • bright choruses;
  • high vocals;
  • lack of serious topics in the texts.

Genre separated in the 80s. J pop stars of that times do not already have a weight on the contemporary scene. In Japan, the preference is given to young performers. Popular J pop songs are played on almost around the clock radio. If the track gets the status of a hit, it will sound virtually anywhere. J pop singers were originally interested in jazz music. Later, jazz completely disappeared from the tunes. Now, the Japanese pop music is something that exists in all areas, including TV, radio and media. Anyone can play this music. Particularly popular are J pop girl bands. There are so fantastically many of them and regularly appear new ones. Many famous J pop songs are written and performed exactly by women's groups. The peak of popularity of the music was in the early 90s, but recently there opened literally a second wind.


With regard to the main goal: a desire to buy the product. Unlike the music that was created for the sake of something sublime, this is mass culture. It is created in such a way that the listener wanted to buy not only record, but also attributes. For example, other materials that relate to the favorite artist. The opportunity to buy it is widely available. The Japanese are very fond of bright things, little things, ranging from pens and ending with the symbols of the albums. Purchase of all of this is the goal of the popularity of a particular band or artist. Moreover, the more unusual it is trumpeted, the better. People are famous for the ability to make something strange popular. That's why every team is trying to come up with its own flavor. Otherwise, do not get to stand out from the crowd, which is already represented in the online store. New groups are constantly emerging view of demand. Bright clothes for the active promotion in the online store are not enough. This may be the original style of performance or some detail in appearance. The band can become famous very suddenly. You never know what will "bite" a potential buyer. Nevertheless, we cannot say that the singers do not put their hearts into their work. Only something real is valuable. Best teams have huge profits, and the crowd of fans. Tickets for concerts are selling out in just a couple of days.

Transfer of the similarities of style in a lossless way concerns only in the basic version. Since the groups are trying not to repeat, though it is difficult. Thus, it is better to pay attention to the lossless music. It can be both instrumental and electronic. It usually has a distinct membership of a different style, so the melodies are quite simple and you can save them lossless. Even basic format is suitable for listening. For example, MP3 is an extension that will allow you to store as many songs as possible. On the other hand, the quality certainly is not luxurious, but perfectly acceptable. MP3 sound familiar to most of us. Probably you will not notice the difference. But if you are a connoisseur, you can choose a format such as Flac. This is an extension, which has higher sound settings. Flac is characterized by a large size. However, professionals are happy to choose it. Flac makes music more voluminous and deep. The difference is noticeable in the comparison. Flac can be tricky to find, but it's worth it.