Albums of Italo disco music

Style for sale

Italo disco is a unique genre. It has combined the vocal chorus type while playing on a synthesizer. Italodisco was performed mainly in English. Artists often were Italian. However, over time, the Italo disco songs became equated with the records of other European artists. Thus, the term has been applied to singers from North America and Europe. Italo disco mix turned from mixing several styles:

  • eurodance;
  • eurobeat;
  • italohaus;
  • italiano techno.

The development of the genre was the brightest in 70s. Italo disco hits sounded simple and unpretentious. Basically, a synthesizer was used. Texts for Italo music was written mainly by musicians who didn’t know English well, that is why they were so simple. The main themes were love, space, and robots. That tracks with non-standard set of disconnected topics became leader in the category of the best Italo disco. The brightest year in the development of the genre is considered to be 83rd. Then it was recorded Italo Disco mp3 with ironic lyrics. Of course, then the quality of the entries was poor.

The success of the project

With many styles of derivatives, the desire to buy these records has been artificially inflated. Listeners were provided with an extensive variety. Purchase was quite good. After the development and decline of interest in this genre, House became the most successful offshoot. Purchase of House even now is at a very decent level.

The revival of the genre began only in the early 90s. However, then popular hits have become quite a vivid example. Genre gained the second breath. Many popular tracks have been written and produced by a company from Canada. At the same time, there was a demand for steel covers. The first wave of the songs got a new revival by a group from Germany. Gradually, the genre slid into electro music. The songs became more simple and, as a consequence, less famous. Epoch of the ID came to an end.

However, this music managed to find its niche. Its fame was pretty impressive. Of course, it stepped in a completely lossless sound and would not leave. No changes in decades are a full stop in style. But saving lossless of focus of the set was the start of subgenres. ID was the founder of the many branches in the techno style.

As for the best format, you can listen to these recordings in MP3 or any other extension. Many advise professional formats. For example, Flac is a worthy trade-off between file size and quality. Any case, to find it, can be a bit difficult task. In addition, Flac is played by not all devices.