Albums of Indie Pop music

The general direction

Indie pop is one of the subgenres of alternative rock. Years of its heyday occurred in the 80s. Indie pop in America was also called Twee-pop. It is justified by the new name of the new direction of these melodies. Indie pop is much more positive than alternative rock. The fact is that at the time of these genre topics of depression and gloom began to decline in popularity. Therefore, Indie Pop was truly a breath of fresh air. This genre has its own distinctive features. Indie Pop music is characterized by the following accents:

  • clear light music;
  • positive motives;
  • mostly female vocals;
  • naive lyrics.

In our time, this genre is wildly popular. Despite this, many are unaware that they are fans of indie pop music. For example, one of the most significant artists is Lana Del Rey. Her compositions are the classic example of indie pop music. Thus, we can conclude that the genre has not only retained its popularity, but vividly multiplied it. Indie pop MP3 records are distributed worldwide. This concerns not only modern, but also tracks of the old years. It is also interesting that the work of the groups of those times went almost unnoticed; the names of the bands & their indie pop mp3 records did not become a cult. However, Lana has become a real phenomenon. Her indie pop mp3 records become hits; people all over the world now know her name. Genre has found a second bright life.


As for the art and songs, everything is clear. But what about the risk to get stuck on profits? Of course, the desire of fans to buy a music CD largely defines the future of musicians. It depends on the financing and promotion. Another part of the profits comes from the concerts sum. The desire to buy a ticket to the concert is in demand of musician. Now the singers assemble the entire stadiums. The desire to buy a variety of things with autographs, with the symbols of idol also plays an important role. As for music discs, they are more in demand for real fans. It is now possible to buy everything on the Internet, including tracks of favorite artists. Many have already realized this and did not rely on the albums on the physical CD or DVD discs. During the development of the genre all the unlike songs were equaled under it. All that had difference from the usual alternative music was considered as indie.

Purchase was not the main purpose. But it was an inevitable side effect. Purchase flourished, as it was something new. People always wanted to try an interesting novelty. Therefore, purchase of IP music gained popularity since the advent with 80s. It occurred in the heyday in the UK.

It all began since the days of the famous British music invasion of lossless wandered to other countries. IP was one of the most successful experiments. It was also preferred to listen lossless. This meant quality music format. Despite the simplicity of the tunes, you'll find most formats such as MP3 and Flac. If MP3 is widespread because of its light weight, it is necessary to look for other extensions. The fact is that the lossless music implies not only the good quality of sound, but also is not easily reproduced. MP3 format can be read by any device. Flac has heavy files. This quality is maintained close to the vinyl records. Due to the nature of the genre, such lossless preservation is very important. Another feature is the professional orientation. Flac was created as a format for the musicians. That is why it is so popular. It is not so difficult to find Flac on the music site.