Albums of Indie music

Indie music is a kind of ideological movement leaded by the idea of independence from commercial pop music and mainstream. Its ideology sounds like“Do It Yourself”. However, such a self-activity has not affected the quality of the sounding. Today, you can download or listen to any composition in lossless FLAC quality. More traditional MP3 and M4A formats are also available.


From the first half of 1980 the term "indie" was used in reference to albums, released by independent post-punk labels. So, back then it was quite difficult to buy indie music.The prototype of the movement in America has become a so-called college scene, representatives of which were popular on college radio. In relation to indie music downloads, there are key groups, which have become

As performers of jangle pop style, these bands have made alternative to the previously synthpop. Apart from these, important representatives of the college rock, who encouraged melomaniacs to download indie music, are such bands as The Housemartins, Pavement, and The La's. Jangle pop dominated on the British college scene. Sometimes, the term was also used to describe a sharp, rough and aggressive punk- oriented music, which is performed by such members of the American independent scene as Pixies, Foster the People, The Black Keys and such relevant Canadians as Magic!. You can download indie music of these and many other bands from our site.

You also can buy other genres of lossless music for us such as Death Metal.


In the 2000s, the technologies have made a huge step forward. The decline in sales of audio on tape cassettes and DVDs and increasing role of the Internet in the promotion of music led to the fact that people started to download indie songs and a wave of new artists achieved success.  Now, the mainstream is represented by more complex groups in terms of melody and emotions, for example:

  • Modest Mouse (who in 2004 got to the top in the "US top 40", breaking records of indie music downloads),
  • Bright Eyes (whose songs crowned the Billboard Hot 100 in 2004),
  • Death Cab for Cutie
  • The Killers.

Numerous commercial achievements and the misuse of the term in relation to other forms of popular culture, led to the fact that it has lost its former meaning, becoming more commercial through the new option to sell and buy indie music online.

There are many different genres of lossless music on our website.