Albums of IDM music

The new reality

Intelligent dance music is the music based on rhythm. But it has a serious engineering approach to the creation of this rhythm. The intelligent dance music has virtually none of the usual order. Classic version of music can be heard from Aphex Twin. Another main feature of intelligent dance music is very gloomy mood.
It is a subspecies of modern genres. IDM Music is an alternative direction of electronic music. The founder is considered to be the English techno-musician Richard James. We can assume that the IDM music was originated in the 1989th year. The term was coined in the depths of computer networks around the 1993rd year. Title IDM music appeared due to the fact that it neither fit into the frameworks of a single existing style. A few English guys sitting at the computer just turned those quickly imbued with this music. Gradually, even this obscure but popular genre has found its limits. Certain borders help to understand what music is it. Of course, you can listen to all the experiments of IDM music mp3.

The branches of the tree

So, there are just a few basic directions.

  1. Easy IDM. The popular songs of this direction always have beautiful and good melodies, often very simple but usually uncommon. There can be a lot of tunes; they can replace each other, merge in unexpected ways, cropping and silent. The popular melody can carry the load as the ambient like Autechre, and dance like Orbital. The next element of this kind of music is rhythm built on a fill and breaks. Percussion sounds can be anything but standard as the famous Aphex Twin.
  2. Heavy IDM. The main feature of this area is heavy overloaded and torn sound in percussion rhythms of IDM music mp3. Rhythms basically are built on breaks and fills. Most often, the melodic part of the track is made up of whistles, squeaks, loud gurgling, and other noises. Fans of IDM believe that this music is just the most dance music in the world.
  3. Classic IDM. The synthesis of light and heavy. In this direction, they use a light hand melodic and rhythmic hand IDM with heavy IDM. This is a real war goes between overloaded heavy rhythms and beautiful electronic melodies. It is not clear who will win this time, but it is always clear that the melody will remain in our hearts forever.
  4. Fungle. One of the last appeared not so long ago, intellectual trends of dance music. Experiments have gone much further than writing jungle rhythms of unusual percussion sounds. Special popularity has got the shock effect "ratchet" momentary speed percussion sounds. Many musicians have moved on, and the tracks are like one big ratchet. But this trend is only still evolving, and trends are such that it will stand out as a distinct style called Fungle. Critics predict that purchase can be very successful.


The commercial side is important. If the fans do not want to buy music, it would not make sense to create it. Of course, most of the income comes from the work of DJs. Nevertheless, the desire to buy the music is the need for making the CD drive. According to the general orientation of the target audience, IDM genre can be a success. Of course, it will not become as famous and popular as pop music, but it will be easy to buy and sell records and concert tickets.

As for home listening, we will mention of formats. For electronic music, fits Flac, mp3 and other extensions. Let’s talk further about the first format. Flac helps to make the sound clearer. However, it has large enough files sizes. In comparison with others, Flac represents the optimum ratio formats. Since this is an electronic sound, vividly clear sound is mostly required. Flac is a unique professional format. Unlike the others, you do not need any additional players to use it. Since it is a new genre, it does not even need to make an effort to lossless transfer. All the experiments with the sound were already kept in the memory. However, it is important to go further lossless. If the musicians want this style to gain popularity, they have to work on its development. Who knows, maybe in the future, stored lossless records will become a new classic.