Albums of House music

House is an electronic genre that has its roots in dance clubs of Chicago. It appeared in the early 1980s as a simplified continuation of disco, where live instruments were progressively replaced by synthesizers. The rhythm became more mechanical, and acquired the elements of improvisations.


The father of the direction is DJ Frankie Knuckles, who mixed classic disco with European synth-pop, adding his own rhythms with the help of a drum machine Roland 909. His tracks are now available in the category of house music mp3 download. However, the first track affiliated to the genre was created by Jesse Saunders, and this composition was called «On and on tracks». Back then, the term was used to label everything that was different from the music of commercial radio stations. It meant something non-commercial and only for the "chosen ones".

By the end of the 80s, the style escaped from the midst of the underground in such cities as

  • Chicago
  • New York
  • London

First, it began to make its way into the European charts, and later into American ones. Today, mp3 house music is available for all the admirers of the direction. Having gained a foothold in the charts, it has divided into a number of sub-genres.

Modern diversity

There are such basic directions of the genre:

  • Tech-house is a style that arose as a result of mixing the discussed genre and techno music. It is characterized by minimalism and deep bass line. The main influence on the style had Eddie Richards and Terry Francis.  Their songs are now available in the category of house music download.
  • Deep house combines the atmospheric sound of the key direction and elements of jazz and chillout. For some time it was even called "soul" or "gospel" variation. Prominent representatives of the time were Eric Kupper, K- Scope, Larry Heard. Modern hit of deep house music download is Make A Living Original Mix by Mat.Joe.
  • Acid house as a separate musical direction emerged in Chicago. The pioneer of this sub-genre was the project “Phuture”. Its album “Acid tracks” released in 1987 still has high rating at house music download sites. This music was played at parties held in the small stores in London in 1986-87, and then the style has won public recognition during the famous festival «Summer of Love».
  • Progressive house is a child of the UK. This term refers to the sounding, which combines American wave with a touch of Italian music. The person, who revives the genre’s popularity in the early 2000s is John Digweed.  He still occupies a high position for those, who download house music. Today, this is one of the most popular music on the dance floor.
  • Disco house is a style, which perfectly combines disco samples (sounds of good old disco of 1970s) and modern bass lines and drums. Duck Sauce, Yves Larock, Madeon are popular representatives of the genre, who make people download house music.

The fact that during the thirty years of its existence, the genre has produced so many independent styles now enables us to talk about it as one of the main directions of development of the electronics. Nowadays, it is not a problem to find where to download house music. Our portal is pleased to provide its users with such a service. Current hits of house music (FLAC, M4A, MP3) are available on numerous sites.