Albums of Hip-Hop music

Despite the development of different types of artistic expression in the culture of hip-hop, the music remains the main generator of its ideology. Music of this genre mainly consists of two elements:

  • rap
  • rhythm set by the DJ

At the same time, compositions without vocals are also common.

Currently, this genre is one of the most commercially successful forms of modern popular music, which is proved by great numbers of hip hop music downloads. It is everywhere: in films, computer games, on radio and television. Many musical sites provide hip hop music to download.

The style is represented by a variety of areas within the genre.

Old School

Old School is the first kind of hip-hop music; its origin dates back to the year 1979 - the time of release of the composition «Rapper's Delight» performed by The Sugarhill Gang. This genre is different from others by its relatively simplified recitative - most lines take about the same time, and speech rhythms rarely change direction along the bit composition. Also one of the main features of hip-hop is the length of the tracks - 10 minutes or more. You can hear all these features, if you download hip-hop music of this period.

New School

The basis of the genre "new school" was initiated by Run-DMC and LL Cool J, leaders of hip hop music mp3 download of that time. The lyrics varied from reflection of the consciousness of the rapper himself to descriptions of life in the ghetto. The first full-length albums in this genre are Run-DMC (1984) and the Radio (1985), which were in the top of hip hop music download.

Another distinctive feature of the New School was the fact that tracks have become much shorter, which helped them get on the radio. The development of this direction, its commercialization has led to the fact that hip-hop has taken place in pop culture. Many musicians have started using rap in their songs; first of all it refers to the famous group Beastie Boys, making music fans download hip hop music mp3.

Gangsta Rap

In the late '80s, some rappers deviated from the theme of the "old" and "new school" songs and began to describe in their tracks their rebellious youth. 1982 is considered to be the founding date of the new genre, and the first song of this direction was Ice-T’s «Cold Wind Madness». Lyrics were commonly dedicated to the hard life in the black ghetto, including street hooliganism, robbery and drug trafficking.

Political Hip Hop

Forerunners of American political hip-hop were Gil Scott-Heron and the group The Last Poets. However, the real founder of the genre should be considered as Chuck D and his band Public Enemy. «The Message» by Grandmaster Flash, as well as creativity of KRS-One became influential in hip hop music downloads. Some popular political rap artists often call for anti-social activities, others - to unite society in the face of threats from within and without. In this regard, there are several varieties of political hip-hop:

  • black nationalist;
  • racist;
  • Marxist;
  • anarchist;
  • conscious.

Nowadays, due to large number of musical sites and applications, it is easy to buy hip-hop music of these artists.

Alternative Hip-Hop

In the late 1980s in New York, there were bands, which tried to resist stereotypes of gangsta and hardcore rap. These groups mixed funk, pop-rock, jazz and soul music, and combined them with a recitative. Alternative hip-hop has always been an underground genre, although many of its representatives - The Roots, Fugees, Arrested Development, Jungle Brothers, Gym Class Heroes - had a large number of fans in the United States and beyond, who would be pleased to buy tickets to their concerts.

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