Albums of Grindcore music

Musical noise

Grindcore is also known as a grind. It is very heavy and aggressive direction. It considered extreme grindcore genre. It combines tradition and variety of Thrashcore punk named Crash. Additionally, grindcore was formed under the influence of metal. The most characteristic sound is rough breakage, crack. This major musical instrument of grind core is guitar. There was no flourishing period of this style. This is due to the fact that the grind core has always been in the underground. As with any genre, there are some features. Grindcore music is different:

  • sound of the guitar, bordering on noise;
  • lower tuning guitar;
  • very fast percussive sounds;
  • the lack of melody.

As is evident from this list, the sound is very specific. Recordings of grindcore MP3 are hard enough to listen. Live concerts are always given a very loud sound. Grindcore mp3 audio disks always sound like a mash-up. In the cleaner formats, such problem is excluded. You can do the grindcore download for sound comparison. Most likely, in the expansion to larger track, it will sound clearer. For comparison, Flac format can be found. It is characterized by particularly deep division notes. Flac weighs more than MP3. However, quality is also significantly different. Another difference is that Flac was created for professional auditions. GK music is very mixed. The songs have lack of melodies, they are rude and loud. It is therefore not necessary to overload them further.


Songs and albums in this style cannot in principle be focused on the large number of people. This is easily explained: GC is difficult to hear, not just listen. Most music lovers rather than buy a CD, would simply dismiss after the first song. However, among fans of underground, GC always was respected and valued. Major purchase was indeed in this segment of the audience. Concerts were given to a very limited number of persons. A few wanted to buy a ticket, so there was no sense to overpay. Thus, stage shows became a real event. Even now, the public performance of songs is more like the small gatherings in special clubs than in the full concert. On the commercial side, simply cannot be many successful groups. Purchase is very limited. Performances bring most of the proceeds. Also, there is a significant portion of the profits from the purchase of products with the symbols of groups. Often, the group releases its own T-shirts. Only the most popular albums and recording mainly are to be sold. Of course, there are fans that gather a collection of everything that belongs to this style. However, the most popular distribution of records held on a network between friends of the groups and those who support their work. Often groups cooperate with each other. Thus, equally popular groups can introduce fans to each other and increase your audience. They also usually organize concerts together.

Of course, teams always want to maintain their listeners lossless. Over time, the number of fans either increases or completely reduces to zero. Then the groups have to resort or to replace some of the participants, provide more free concerts to get lossless to the next level. No funding allow musicians not only to live, but also to play. Appearance is also an important part of this culture. Not only to maintain lossless, but also to multiply the number of fans, you can help yourself and choose a tattoo, clothes, even a brand of guitar. Despite the detachment from the world, GC also has its own fashion.

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