Albums of Goregrind music

Aggression in its pure form

Goregrind music is a very difficult kind of music that has a lot of distinctive features. The main areas are close to hardcore metal and death metal. Goregrind music has a distinct style of singing. There are unique technologies in the arsenal of performers, which are suitable only to this genre. Features of goregrind music are:

  • extremely ironic texts;
  • the use of the taboo topics;
  • the use of medical terms;
  • low sound of guitars;
  • the most distant from the natural singing vocal.

Under the vocal special technique, we mean using software to change the sound. Goregrind MP3 recordings are pretty hard to listen according to this reason. But this genre has its fans. Goregrind mp3 is usually found in the same section as the other heavy metal. The history of music is also entertaining.

Artists managed to save the style almost lossless. The unique style of vocal remained untouched. If you are able to load goregrind MP3 with samples of that time, you will hear that there is practically no difference. The founders of the genre considered Americans Carcass. Musicians still do play, you can download their performances. The first single was released in 1988. Maybe purchase could be successful. However, censorship forbade the release. The style was very specific; the album was only possible to download. The picture of the cover was full of the bodies that were mutilated and rotting. This release was a real challenge to the public. However, critics have reacted positively to the album, many musical messengers offered to download it. Of course, this work was not the only one. By the way, the musicians were unhappy with these albums. They claimed that the sound does not transmit the essence of the tracks.

The meaning of art

This music mostly caused negative reaction. It is easy to explain such aggressive impulses. The songs sound very rude. Often, the text uses the term of terrible diseases. Albums were also created as collections of aesthetics of disgusting.

Nevertheless, we must not forget about the commercial component. Very few bands have achieved success in this genre. Those whose purchase allowed the release of the next album became immediately recognizable. Flagship group did not lose its positions. Purchase of the records and concert tickets had not ceased. Of course, this genre will never be able to beat the pop culture. Even those who want to buy a record, admit it. This is music for a particular group of people. To buy it means to understand what this sound is created for. Musicians work hard on the development of the genre. For them, the desire of fans to buy their work means not only recognition, but also the ability to move forward.

An important aspect is the sound quality. Because of saturation of plurality heavy parts in songs, listening in bad extending confuses tracks. There is the risk of a plunge into a cacophony of sound, in spite of the original harmony. That is why it is better to choose the lossless formats. Of course, they are no substitute for live sound and professional studio recording. One of the most popular extensions is an accessible format. It is supported by most devices. It is called Flac. One of the main advantages is its ability to keep the files small enough. The quality of Flac is the closest one to the natural sound.