Albums of Garage Rock music

Formation of a new genre

Nowadays we can find and download garage rock as a separate style. But in the beginning, it for was not recognized as an independent genre. Despite this aggressive music was a breakthrough of its time, no one was going to buy it. Now it is called “the forerunner of punk rock”. It became popular because this music is evil, fast, and energetic. But using a loud guitar sound requires for an appropriate quality. Better to download garage rock lossless in formats, which have no mute effect. There are few of them. The most common is named Flac.

The name of the genre comes from the term of the place for rehearsals. In the garages during their free time, young musicians had given life to the songs that reflect their inner world. The music was especially widespread in the 60s. Even nowadays, you are free to download garage rock of those years.

The music sounded so casually that it is difficult to believe that most of the artists were trained as professional musicians. They could work in traditional styles and receive money for the guaranteed purchase of their tracks. But the wish to create something extraordinary had won. Moreover, rock was played by girls! Women's groups were no less popular. Bad girls with guitars and in provocative outfits conquered the sympathy of fans. Purchase of their concert tickets was amazingly high!

The start of the new 70 has turned the genre into a well-known genre of punk rock. The sound (now available in mp3 format) was more typical. Relaxed insolence has disappeared. For comparison – the punk rock is often offered to be listened in mp3 format. It is just because of sharp guitar sound’s absence.

The garage revival

Trying of recreation of the classic garage rock songs was made in the 80s. These efforts led to the creation of the third genre called garage punk. It combined the distinctive features of the two main directions (you can hear the difference clearer while listening to a track in a lossless format like Flac). Among the most recognizable representatives of contemporary can be distinguished:

  • The White Stripes;
  • Black Lips;
  • The Strange Boys.

It is possible to download garage rock as it is in a completely free access, despite the bold lyrics and music. The times of restraint are gone. Now we can really enjoy this style. To download garage rock lossless is worth because of the possibility of deep diving into the time of its creation.

Feel free to compare various music genres and choose your favorite one. Many sites offer to become acquainted with the new styles. You can also familiarize with their history. It is completely your choice: to buy a single copy or to create personal collection.