Albums of Gangsta Rap music

The essence of music

Gansta rap is one of the most controversial genres. As the other varieties of rap, it is the voice of streets. Gangsta music was created by people, who have experienced all horror and danger of living in disadvantaged districts. The story of their tracks is impregnated with pain, which they are forced to live with.

Frequently used themes:

  • drugs (purchase and selling);
  • harassment;
  • fights and shootings;
  • problems with law restriction.

Ice-T was the first who used basic methods that distinguish gangsta music. Since 1982, he was admitted as founder of a new genre. Many other performers have been associated with societies for the rights of black people.

One of the most significant, popular, and well-known on the international rap scene figures was Tupac Shakur. 80th and beginning of the 90th was tragic for the performers of this genre. A lot of talented artists including Shakur, were killed in the fight for their beliefs. During that times, gangsta rap music download and free distribution was not as active. Gangsta rappers were forced to communicate about the moral of their works in an aggressive manner. It was the only way for them to be heard.

After the beginning of 2000-s, clashes stopped. Many popular respectable performers said that the genre was dead. This was facilitated by a mixture of styles with R’n’B and other softer ones.

The current state of affairs

Many sites now offer to enjoy the poetry of these compositions. Times have changed. Now, you can buy tracks from almost any place in the world. The best-known artists in this genre are rap legends. Their songs are still loved by fans.

Music purchase for the home collection is only a small tribute that fans can have for their idols. The artists, who are considered as legends during their lifetime are 50Cent, Jay-Z, etc. Their tracks became lighter and more like a classical rap, but gangsta rap download of these musicians is possible in this section.

Audio formats may be different. One of the most attractive proposals – gangsta rap download mp3 format. This one is read by the greatest number of devices. What is more important: to be lossless or to weigh less? Your priorities determine the choice of format. Flac is a good one because it allows you to receive more high-quality sound. In any case, to get the tracks in any convenient form is a priceless feature. Maybe if in the heyday of the genre gangsta mp3 download was so simple, story would have been different.