Albums of Fusion music

This complex genre embraces different combinations of jazz elements with other styles. Usually, these are

  • pop,
  • rock,
  • R & B,
  • hip-hop,
  • electronica,
  • folk.

Even albums of one artist attributed to the discussed genre often include different combinations of styles. Therefore, the direction has many fans, who download fusion music.


At the end of the 1960s jazz performers began to mix different forms of jazz improvisation with sounds produced by electric instruments. Rock musicians started combining their rhythms with soul and R&B and adding jazz elements. The 1970s are believed to be a decade of the greatest evolution of the direction. However, the style is supported by numerous bands and performers in more recent times as well. These bands have recorded fusion music MP3s, which are now available at many web sites. However, it is much better to listen to and buy tracks in lossless FLAC, M4A and MP3 quality.

The genre is generally instrumental, often with complex timing, meter, rhythm and elongated compositions containing improvisation. You can hear this features if you download fusion music in lossless FLAC quality. Many outstanding artists of this direction are recognized by the high level of performance, combined with complex compositions and improvisations in meters, which are rarely found in other Western musical forms.

Outstanding representatives

The most popular fusion music MP3s are:

  • Herbie Hancock’s “Sleeping Giant”
  • Mahavishnu Orchestra’s “The Noonward Race”
  • Weather Report’s “Boogie Woogie Waltz”

The most significant albums of the genre are:

  • The Mahavishnu Orchestra’s  “The Inner Mounting Flame” (1971)
  • Bruford’s “One of a Kind” (1979)
  • Santana’s “Caravanserai” (1972)
  • Jeff Beck’s “Wired“ (1976)

The leaders of fusion music download are:

  • Weather Report
  • Miles Davis
  • Herbie Hancock
  • The Mahavishnu Orchestra

Despite the fact that many bands listed above already stopped their musical career and do not write new songs, they still remain the best representatives of the genre and encourage people to buy fusion music in stores and Internet sites.

In the previous century there even was Grammy Award for Best Jazz Fusion Performance. It was presented to such popular bands as Weather Report, Pat Metheny Group, Yellowjackets and others. The winners of the award are recognized to be the best in the category of fusion music download.