Albums of Free Jazz music

Free jazz as a sub-genre has emerged in the 1960s. The name comes from the title of Ornette Coleman’s album recorded December 21, 1960, which is one of the leaders of free jazz music downloads. Actually Ornette Coleman is considered to be the discoverer of the direction.


The genre is characterized by complete freedom in harmony. If you download free jazz music, you will hear collective improvisation, intensity of expression, polyrhythm, inclusion of ethnic influences of different lands, expansion of the palette of musical sounds to the noises and squeaks. Users, who download free jazz music from our web portal have the possibility to get acquainted with all the nuances of sounding due to availability of MP3, M4A and FLAC formats of tracks of lossless quality.

Improvisation in this case is not built according to a plan or harmonic sequence. It is different in all the free jazz songs downloaded. Also, the performers do not use keys or tonal centers, which are benchmarks for improvisation in classical version. Therefore, it is better to buy tickets to the show, than listen to this musical genre online.

Despite popular opinion, the discussed style has nothing to do with musical chaos. It requires virtuoso skills, perfect understanding, deep knowledge of every element of jazz. When the admirer of free jazz downloads mp3 of this genre, he involves into an adventure, where he witnesses the birth and development of the living, unique work.

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Among the representatives, John Coltrane was one of the leading artists of the style. Many critics and fans considered him to be the most prominent performer in general. His Ascension became the most popular free jazz album downloaded. There were also such bright artists as Don Cherry, Albert Ayler, Peter Brottsman, Sun Ra.

Nowadays, the direction has become recognized and popular. It has prepared the emergence of avant-garde jazz, particularly in the work of Eric Dolfi, Charles Minhusa, musicians of AACM band, which are now available at the page of free jazz downloads.

Significant albums created by the representatives of the direction include:

  • The Ornette Coleman Double Quartet, 'Free Jazz' (1961)
  • The Joe Harriott Quintet, 'Abstract' (1962)
  • Albert Ayler, 'Spirits' (1964)
  • John Coltrane, 'A Love Supreme' (1965)
  • Cecil Taylor, 'Conquistador!' (1966) and others.

They all are in the tops of free jazz music downloads.

Some of the most popular free jazz mp3 downloads include:

  • Lift  by Joe Maneri Quartet;
  • Off Sight by Peter Brötzmann ;
  • Goodbye by  Paul Bley;
  • Pharaoh's Den by Sun Ra etc.

Thus, every user of our site can listen to his favorite composition online, buy any album of track he likes, or use the service of free jazz songs download.

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