Albums of Experimental music

What a sound!

Songs can be so different. The whole music is a variety. Search for the creation of a new popular genre is the main direction of any times. The experimental genre can include virtually anything. Even usual and popular nowadays, some compositions were considered as experimental those times. For example, jazz or blues were an experiment, a breakthrough of its time. Of course, one of the main purposes is purchase. But the main thing is the ability to bring something radically new. Most people will want to buy a CD at least of interest. Not all the musicians immediately release discs, some give concerts. In this case, the motivation to remain may be willing to buy a ticket to the next show. Of course, there are several special features.

Genre is distinguished by:

  • incredible ideas, completely innovative;
  • style, which is unlike the rest well-known ones;
  • can be used for covers of popular compositions.

Crazy Ideas

One of the most unusual and successful ideas was to create a vegetable orchestra. The band has released three albums with songs! All of them were in demand. Tickets’ purchase was successful all over the world. The essence of the project is that the musicians play on instruments made of vegetables. For the lossless sound transmission, they use separate microphones. In addition, a lot of attention is given to the freshness of vegetables. All of this is for receiving lossless audio. This may sound crazy, but the result is interesting. Almost lossless music they play includes known masterpieces as well as hits of the group. The orchestra was created in Vienna. Download experimental music by this team is available in the Internet. There are video recordings of performances in the public domain. You can also download experimental music to appreciate the talent of the Austrians. After their performances, musicians cook the soup of the instruments. Fans even upload videos, so you can download experimental music in all its mad diversity.

Notable experiments were considered with blotches of electronic sound. For the purity of sound, we advise you to download experimental music Flac. Due to the format, the quality will be higher. To download experimental music Flac is a bit more complicated than the simple format, but it's worth it. On the other hand, the choice is yours. Of course, it is easier to find the songs in the universal format. It can be played on all devices. This is an mp3. This format gives the small files, though spoils the quality. To listen out of curiosity, you can use MP3 without any loss.