Albums of Eurodance music

It is difficult to imagine music of 80s without Euro dance music (or Eurodisco), which captured the dance floors of Europe. After the triumph of the classic disco, the world was excited by Eurodisco with both dynamic and sensual Eurodance songs. Material from the US finally gave way to the hits from England and Germany. Initially, classic Eurodance as a separate direction was formed by producers, whose peak of popularity belongs to 1975 - 1982.

British representatives

English duo Pet Shop Boys can be attributed to Eurodance artists, although their works are often described as pop compositions. Their texts differ by more meaningful lyrics than simple dance MP3s. Due to the fact that the PSB always create something of their own, their Euro dance hits keep pleasing listeners even today. In the 80s they performed: «Opportunities», «Heart», «Always On My Mind», «Suburbia», «West End Girls», «Rent» - (one of the best Eurodance songs). In the 90s Eurodance hits of PSB amazed everyone, especially the song «Go West!», «Ghost Of Myself», «So Hard», as well as super hit «New York City Boy» (1999). Nowadays, you can download all these pieces of music using our online store. There you can find popular tracks and albums in lossless FLAC or conventional MP3 format.

Speaking about Eurodance music in Britain, it is necessary to mention the London Boys. Well- matched duo of good-dancing men did the trick. Their «Requiem for Love» can be considered one of the best Eurodance songs of all times. It even has a well-made as for that time romantic video. You can download MP3 audio of the track at our site. The song «The Midi Dance» is another hit of Euro dance download. This composition is also available for purchase in our online store.

German representatives

An artist Manfred Alois Segieth from Germany, also known as the Fancy, performed the best Euro dance music in terms of romantic songs. He started back in 1984, at the dawn of Italo-disco. His popular hit at the time «Slice Me Nice» resembles the purest Italian style. In 1985 he switched to Eurodance (90s as well). The song «Bolero» is a mix of two genres. One of his best euro dance songs is «Flames of Love». This artist did not disappear after the end of golden days of the genre like many others and kept releasing albums in 1991, 1995, and 1996 (even two). You can buy them in lossless FLAC format at our web site. The unusual appearance, recognizable voice, as well as the excellent arrangements became his key to popularity.

Another famous project is C.C.Catch. Her songs - resemble Modern Talking, only in the female version. Almost every composition of this singer is included in the list of top Eurodance songs. The tracks in her performance: «House Of Mystic Lights», «Heartbreak Hotel», «Cause You Are Young», «Strangers By Night» are easy to percept and the lyrics are catchy. Therefore, Caroline Catherine Muller (full name of a singer) will always be considered as a performer of the best Euro dance music. You can download her hits with the help of our site in lossless FLAC format.

Bad Boys Blue began their career in 1984. Up to 2000, they released albums almost every year. This trio skillfully combined Euro-dance with rap and this way developed a special manner of performance. Their super-hits «You're A Woman», «Love Really Hurts Without You», «Come Back And Stay», «Lady In Black» are included by many charts in top 10 Eurodance songs.