Albums of Euro Disco music

Eurodisco is a two-value term: firstly, this is a style that originated in the mid-1970s and became especially popular in the second half of the 1980s; secondly, this is a term used for definition of the total of genres of electronic dance music that emerged in Europe in 1980s - electro and disco together with the new derivatives, such as Hi-NRG, Italo disco, house, Euro pop, and others. Typical Euro disco hits are based on the use of a synthesizer, drum machine, bass and usually high voice. To notice all the peculiarities of the genre, it is much better to download or buy them only in lossless formats.

Distinctive features

As the style of disco is conventionally considered to be American, European artists who performed music in this style are often referred to as representatives of Eurodisco. Unlike the United States, where disco music with few exceptions is performed by African Americans, most performers of Euro disco music are white. Their style often appears to be a commercial version of the classic disco. However, if in America in the late 1970s the popularity of this genre faded, in Europe it has successfully moved into the next decade with a huge army of fans willing to purchase and download tracks in new formats (for example, FLAC format). Therefore, our site provides the possibility to buy the best euro disco songs in the best quality.

Outstanding representatives and songs

Our online store provides a huge variety of eurodisco hits starting with the oldest songs and ending with modern interpretations. This way you can trace the development of the genre and changes that occurred in the course of time. They are especially noticeable in the quality of sound which developed from poor mp3 32 kbps into FLAC format, which provides lossless compression of files.

Some of the earliest examples of euro disco mp3s are Fly Robin Fly released by Silver Convention in 1975 and Love Hangover by Diana Ross released in 1976.

This style prevails in all the albums of Modern Talking before their first disintegration in 1987. The first album of the band Bad Boys Blue and Silent Circle, four albums of singer C.C.Catch written by Dieter Bohlen, by Sandra, Sabrina Salerno, Kylie Minogue, Samantha Fox, Joy group, a few songs of Pet Shop Boys are prominent Eurodisco collections.

For four decades we have heard numerous hits recorded in this genre. However, the best euro disco songs of all times are the following:

  • Dancing Queen by ABBA;
  • Yes Sir, I Can Boogie by Baccara;
  • Daddy Cool by Boney M.;
  • You're My Heart, You're My Soul by Modern Talking;
  • Woodpeckers From Space by Video Kids;

It is impossible to imagine the category of euro disco collection download without them.

Some may say that the age of this genre is over. Probably, this is right but there are still numerous fans, who buy old and new hits in online stores. If your friend or relative is a fan of this style, you can purchase CDs or retro LPs, or even eurodisco mp3s from to surprise him or her.