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Albums of Electronica music

Every new generation has its own, special music with its adjustments. When high technologies entered our lives and we started buying different electronic devices, electronica music came with them. By far, it is the most popular among young people. Techno, house, hardcore, breakbeat, drum'n'bass, trance – all these terms are increasingly appearing in the lexicon of young men, who download electronica music from different sites.

The discussed term encompasses electronic music, which is created using special equipment. The genre in its wide understanding has dozens of varieties such as progressive electronics, ambient, academic, etc. Electronica music MP3s are created mainly by electronic means, such as

  • synthesizers
  • samplers
  • computers
  • vocoders (voice changing devices)
  • drum machines.

To hear all the details of compositions, it is important to listen to electronica music in lossless quality.

History of the term

The term itself was first used as the title of collections (in fact, they were called New Electronica), which marked the first performers of Detroit techno along with European artists, who borrowed much from the futuristic version of techno by Motor City.

Later, the American media began to use this term for the universal definition of any young musician, using electronic devices and / or software. Nowadays, the term serves to indicate styles based on techno, which are suitable for home listening (therefore people often download electronica music in FLAC format) and performances on the dance floor (as many performers of the genre became club DJs).

Famous representatives

DJs playing in this style are rather popular and their songs encourage audiophiles to buy electronica music. The most famous of them are:

  • Infected Mushroom
  • Frank TRAX
  • DJ Scott Project
  • DJ Shadow
  • Delerium
  • Afrojack
  • Benny Benassi
  • The Prodigy etc.

You can download electronica music created by them from numerous sites. However, only we provide them in the best lossless FLAC format in addition to MP3 and M4A ones.

The most significant albums of current year are:

  • Syro by Aphex Twin
  • Nabuma Rubberband by Little Dragon
  • Damage Control by Mat Zo.

In addition to being the most popular among fans, who download electronica music, they are also nominated for Grammy.