Albums of Easy Listening music

It is rather difficult to find a person who would not like music. Everyone finds in it his/her own way of expression, manifestation of personal preferences, tastes, character. Sometimes music makes you sad and sometimes – cheers up. However, there are times when you do not want to dive into the deep feelings and emotions. If you are tired of contemporary hits that are rotated again and again on TV and occupy the first position in the radio charts, then it is necessary for you to plunge into the atmosphere of colorful emotions and impressions. This is the right time to download easy listening music. It helps to worry about nothing and enjoy the state of calmness. It will help to relax after a hard working day and give an incredible amount of positive emotions. Unobtrusive motifs are repeated again and again, lines are quickly memorized. Such compositions were and still are popular, because they reflect the most important – life in all its manifestations. The music embraces various styles with clear melodies, simple words that sound usually to the accompaniment of dance orchestra.


Easy listening music is a collective term that combines different styles, the main feature of which is a simple but very melodic tune. Sometimes there are unobtrusive vocals, and songs are accompanied by dance orchestra. The direction is very loyal to old hits, remaking them and giving them new sounding. The style appeared in the 1950s, and now it has certain popularity, being used in public places to create a pleasant atmosphere.

The heyday of the genre

The peak of popularity of this genre is accounted for 50s-90s of the last century. A lot has changed since then and the direction has got some other features. However, now there are many people who like having fun to the accompaniment of harmonious sounds. They ensure great number of easy listening music downloads.

Our site has prepared a remarkable collection of MP3-hits. We try to make it really simple for you to download easy listening music of lossless quality (in MP3, M4A and FLAC formats). These songs sound naturally and uplifting.

The genre is perfect for everyday listening. Therefore, we made easy listening music download so simple. It has a beneficial effect on nervous system, stimulates positive emotions. It is great for parties and get-togethers with friends, jogging and walking.


Albums with easy listening music MP3s are rarely released by separate artists. They usually see the world in collections of various performers. For example, you can buy easy listening music in the following collections:

  • 100 Essential Easy Listening Hits
  • Greatest Ever Easy: the Definitive Collection
  • The Very Best of Easy Listening

Our site also provides its visitors with possibility to buy or download easy listening music performed by such popular artists as:

  • The Melachrino Strings orchestra
  • Frank Sinatra
  • Matt Monro
  • Barbra Streisand
  • The Beach Boys
  • The 5th Dimension.