Albums of EBM music

Electronic Body Music is a term synonymous to ‘electro-industrial,’ which reflects its basic characteristics. The category of EBM music download is now available at our site. We are excited to inform you that now you can buy the best tracks online in lossless quality (mp3 and flac formats).

The main precursors of the style are:

  • Cabaret Voltaire;
  • DAF;
  • Kraftwerk.

The original distinctive features of the style are the following:

  • hard dance beat;
  • clean vocals;
  • fixated uncomplicated melody.

In the early 1980s, Nitzer Ebb and Front began to experiment with it. In the second half of the 1980s, such EBM bands as Front Line Assembly, Vomito Negro, Bigod 20, Insekt joined them. Nowadays, you can listen to these bands online or purchase their tracks in our store. In view of the development and branching of the genre, all of the above refers to the so-called old school-EBM.

In the first half of the 1990s, with the popularity of trance, EBM music was developed by such performers as Leaether Strip and :wumpscut: (you can buy their songs in flac or mp3 formats). They brought dramatic keyboards to the simple structure of EBM, which added depth and meaning to the genre. They were followed by Psychopomps, Aghast View, early VNV Nation, which are also available in our store.

Dark Electro

Dark electro develops directly from the depressive periods of creativity of Leaether Strip and :wumpscut:, presenting a mixture of ominous synth-melodies with distorted vocals, where the emphasis is placed on drama and despair. This parallel direction played a significant role in the further development of electronic body music, sometimes making it difficult to classify the genres.

The second half of the 1990s served as a foundation for harsh-EBM. The sound becomes noisier and dirtier, vocal becomes distorted. All these features can be noticed while listening to tracks in lossless quality. The representatives of the direction are popular bands Suicide Commando, Hocico, whose tracks are available for purchase.


This is the name of the same harsh-EBM, driven to the extreme. Its features are:

  • maximum distorted vocals;
  • abrasive sounding;
  • aggressive themes;
  • bloodthirsty aesthetics.

Examples of EBM bands that represent this sub-genre:

  • Klaustrophobik;
  • Amduscia;
  • Unter Null;
  • Die Sektor.

TBM (Techno Body Music)

The term was ‘invented’ not so long ago by Andy LaPlegua to refer to music of his project Combichrist, but you can already buy Andy’s tracks in the category of EBM music download. This concept may be somehow defined as a mixture of EBM music and IDM.

Medieval EBM

Medieval EBM is another bizarre derivative, with an emphasis in the medieval aesthetics, but not dark and goth-electro. A bright representative of this style among all the EBM music bands is Heimataerde.